What Is The Average Cost Of Pet Insurance In California?

The best pet insurance in California can save you thousands of dollars if your pet needs veterinary care. In addition, you can rest assured that you will receive compensation in the event of an emergency for your pet. Some plans also include preventive care to ensure your pet’s health.

We collected data from California pet insurance companies serving major cities in the state, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. This analysis allowed us to determine the cost of pet insurance in California, plus additional perks and perks to help you find the best coverage for your furry friend’s needs.

Best Pet Insurance Companies in California

CashyMint analyzed thousands of offers in California, including researching policies and insurance details, to find the best pet insurance companies in California. The best pet insurance companies were identified based on their affordability and product offerings. The cost of pet insurance depends on the type, age and medical history of your pet. Therefore, we recommend comparing offers from multiple providers to ensure you get the best insurance for your budget and needs.

Best Overall Pet Insurance in California for Your Pet


  • Flexible policy options
  • Exam fees covered
  • Covers dental and hereditary conditions


  • No multi-pet discount

Pet Plan is our #1 choice for the best pet insurance in California. Pet plans combine affordable premiums with flexible coverage that can be customized to fit your budget and your pet’s needs. Insuring a pet with a Pet Plan costs an average of $37.72 per month.

Insurance companies offer coverage options ranging from $5,000 to unlimited coverage and deductibles of $250 to $500. A nice feature of the pet plan is that the examination fee and hospital visit fee are fully covered. That means you don’t have to pay for a veterinarian to see and diagnose your pet when it’s sick, saving you $50 to $250 per visit. Unlike other insurance companies, Pet Plan also covers extensive dental care and breed-specific genetic conditions.

Pet plans do not offer multiple pet insurance discounts. So if you want to register multiple pets and want to save money, the pet plan may not be the best option for you. All in all, though, it’s a great option for California residents looking to protect their pets.

Best Pet Insurance Company in California: Unlimited Coverage


  • Unlimited coverage for all policies
  • Robust alternative care options
  • Covers chronic conditions


  • No multi-pet discounts
  • Doesn’t cover exam fees

Healthy Paws is a CashyMint alternative to unlimited pet insurance coverage in California. In fact, all insurance options come with unlimited coverage, so you’ll never run out of coverage if your pet needs serious medical attention. Insurance with unlimited coverage can provide extra security if something happens to your pet. However, unlimited coverage is usually more expensive than other insurance options. The average Healthy Paws premium is $50.90 per month.
Healthy Paws plan covers everything from accidents, illnesses, cancers, genetic disorders and alternative medicines such as acupuncture and physical therapy. Insurance companies will cover chronic diseases and illnesses as long as you have no pre-existing conditions. So even if your pet suffers from recurrent illness, the insurance will cover you. Healthy Paws does not cover exam costs and does not offer discounts for multiple pets. It’s not the cheapest option on this list, but unlimited insurance coverage helps offset the costs.

Best Pet Insurance Company in California: Affordable Coverage


  • Flexible policy options
  • Exam fees covered
  • Covers dental and hereditary conditions


  • No multi-pet discount

If you’re looking for affordable insurance for your furry friend, a pet plan is for you. Her $5,000 policy on the Pet Plan costs an average of $18.93 per month to insure one pet. Compensation for visits to medical institutions, illness and injury, dental treatment, genetic diseases, etc.

Pet Plans let you customize your insurance to meet your needs. You can choose from a variety of coverage limits and deductibles to suit your budget and how much coverage your pet needs each year. This means that if you have a healthy pet with no major issues, you can choose a plan with a high deductible and affordable premiums. You can also purchase stronger coverage at a higher monthly premium if your pet is older or has health problems.

Pet plans also offer many types of additional insurance at low prices that many other insurance companies do not offer. These include full dental coverage, examination costs, genetic disease coverage, and alternative treatments such as acupuncture.


Best Pet Insurance Company in California: Multiple Pets


  • Easily file claims online
  • Potential annual pay discount
  • Choose your own licensed veterinarian


  • Waiting period for coverage to kick in
  • Customer service phone line not available on Sunday

If you’re looking for affordable insurance for multiple pets, GEICO is CashyMint first choice. GEICO Pet Insurance offers discounts for multiple pets and costs approximately $30.78 per month. Policyholders can receive coverage for pet accidents, illness, dental treatment, cancer, and more.

GEICO partners with Embrace Pet Insurance to provide dog and cat insurance. When you insure with GEICO, you can choose your own licensed veterinarian and get up to 90% reimbursement of veterinarian costs. Insurance companies will provide comprehensive coverage to ensure your pet is adequately protected if necessary. You can also receive an annual wage rebate on your full premium payment, further reducing your costs.

Depending on your pet’s medical needs, there may be a certain waiting period after purchasing insurance for the coverage to take effect. However, you can also manage your insurance coverage over the phone. You can also submit your claim online.



Best Pet Insurance Company in California: Cats


  • Multi-pet discount
  • Covers exam fees
  • Behavioral therapy and training is covered


  • No unlimited coverage options

Embrace is CashyMint #1 choice for pet insurance for cats in California. Cats are generally cheaper to insure than dogs. So if you have furry friends, it’s a good idea to look for coverage specifically for cats. Embrace insurance for cats in California costs an average of $15.76 per month.

Embrace offers comprehensive coverage for your cat, including coverage for examination costs, illnesses and injuries, congenital and chronic conditions, diagnostic tests, prescription medications and more. Unlike other health care providers, we also offer behavioral therapy.

Embrace also offers multiple pet discounts. Having multiple kittens in your family saves money while ensuring that all kittens are properly covered. One of Embrace’s downsides is the lack of unlimited insurance options. Insurance coverage is up to $30,000 per year. However, in most cases, this coverage limit is not exceeded.


Avg. Monthly Cost
Pet Plan $38
Unlimited Coverage
Healthy Paws $51
Affordable Coverage
Pet Plan $19
Multiple Pets

What Is the Average Cost of Pet Insurance Cost for Dogs and Cats in California?

Pet insurance in California varies by region, coverage, and the age and breed of your pet. The average cost of dog insurance in California is $30.82/month with a $5,000 limit, $54.12/month with a $10,000 limit, and $71.39/month with unlimited coverage. . Cat insurance is generally cheaper, averaging $16.54/month for $5,000 coverage, $27.41/month for $10,000 coverage, and $42.35/month for unlimited coverage.

In addition to coverage limitations, your pet’s age, deductibles, and whether additional services or treatments are required all affect costs. Each insurer has a different way of considering these factors, so it’s a good idea to get a few individual offers before deciding on a contract.


Pet Insurance Policy $5k Coverage $10k Coverage Average Cost for a Dog
Average Cost for a Dog $31 $54 $54
Average Cost for a Cat $54 $54 $54


For the average pet insurance buyer in California, we recommend an $8,000 to $20,000 coverage limit and a reimbursement rate of 80% or more. This will help to ensure that, should your pet get into an accident or have a medical emergency, you’ll be able to afford the associated costs.

Compare the Cheapest Pet Insurance Quotes in California

CashyMint wants to help pet owners in California understand the typical options most companies in California offer in their pet insurance policies. These include:

  • Annual reimbursement limits: Ranges from $3k to Unlimited
  • Deductible: $250 to $500, but some companies have higher or lower options
  • Bill Reimbursement percentage: 70-90%

Some California pet owners are looking for cheaper insurance with lower levels of coverage to meet their monthly expenses or because they feel they don’t need as much coverage. However, other pet owners in California will look for insurance with higher coverage limits to ensure their pets are fully covered. Policies with higher limits tend to be more expensive, and the average pet owner may not need “unlimited” coverage. Still, these policies offer furry family members maximum protection. CashyMint generally recommends the following average coverage for people buying pet insurance in California.


Maximum Policy Coverage
Winner: Cheapest Policy
Avg Cost
$5,000 Pet Plan $19
$10,000 GEICO $40
Unlimited Healthy Paws $51

If you’re trying to keep your costs low, consider a plan with a low annual maximum, high deductible and low reimbursement percentage. In the below table, we’ve compared California pet insurance policies with a $5,000 coverage limit, $500 deductible, and 80% reimbursement.


Pet Insurance Company Low Coverage Monthly Cost
Pet Plan
Embrace $28
Spot $29
Hartville $29
Pets Best $31
Figo $39
24 Pet Watch $45


Pet Insurance Company Average Coverage Monthly Cost
Embrace $40
Hartville $55
Spot $55
24 Pet Watch $58
Figo $60
Pumpkin $60
Nationwide $63


Pet Insurance Company Unlimited Coverage Monthly Cost
Healthy Paws $51
Pets Best $55
Pet Plan $57
Spot $77
Figo $86
Trupanion $104

The Best Cheap Pet Insurance by City in California

In addition to individual factors such as the age and breed of your pet, where you live can also affect the cost of pet insurance. This is because treatment can be expensive in your area. For example, many cities in California have a higher than average cost of living, which in turn leads to higher veterinary costs, which in turn leads to higher insurance premiums. In some cities, weather, traffic, and other hazards can put your pet at a higher risk of getting into an accident. This can also increase your rewards. The type and amount of insurance you choose can also affect your monthly pet insurance payment.


City Coverage Level and Average Monthly Rate
Anaheim $5k: Pet Plan, $21
$10k: Embrace, $39
Unlimited: Pets Best, $45
Bakersfield $5k: Pet Plan, $18
$10k: Embrace, $33
Unlimited: Healthy Paws, $41
Chula Vista $5k: Pet Plan, $23
$10k: Embrace, $39
Unlimited: Healthy Paws, $49
Fresno $5k: Pet Plan, $18
$10k: Embrace, $39
Unlimited: Pets Best, $47
Irvine $5k: Pet Plan, $23
$10k: Embrace, $46
Unlimited: Healthy Paws, $54
Long Beach $5k: Pet Plan, $18
$10k: Embrace, $39
Unlimited: Pets Best, $49
Los Angeles $5k: Pet Plan, $18
$10k: Embrace, $39
Unlimited: Pet Plan, $52
Oakland $5k: Pet Plan, $21
Unlimited: Healthy Paws, $45
$10k: ASPCA, $53
$10k: Hartville, $53
$10k: Spot, $53
Riverside $5k: Pet Plan, $23
$10k: Embrace, $33
Unlimited: Pets Best, $49
Sacramento $5k: Pet Plan, $13
Unlimited: Pet Plan, $37
$10k: Embrace, $39
San Diego $5k: Pet Plan, $18
$10k: Embrace, $39
Unlimited: Healthy Paws, $45
San Francisco $5k: Pet Plan, $21
$10k: Embrace, $53
Unlimited: Pet Plan, $62
San Jose $5k: Pet Plan, $23
$10k: Embrace, $39
Unlimited: Pets Best, $51
Santa Ana $5k: Pet Plan, $13
Unlimited: Pet Plan, $37
$10k: Embrace, $39
Stockton $5k: Pet Plan, $13
$10k: Embrace, $33
Unlimited: Pet Plan, $37

CashyMint used city-based data in California by gathering quotes for $10k coverage, 80% reimbursement, and $250 deductible for a 1-year-old Goldendoodle.


What Factors Impact Pet Insurance Cost in California?

The cost of pet insurance depends on many factors, including the type of pet you have, the age of your pet, the coverage you choose, and where you live. Most policies allow you to customize your coverage limits to create a policy that’s right for you and your pet.

  • annualFee icon

    Annual reimbursement limits

    The annual reimbursement or coverage limit refers to how much the insurance company will pay towards your pet’s medical expenses each year. Coverage options range from as little as $3,000 up to unlimited coverage.

  • money2 icon


    Deductibles generally range from $250 to $500. The lower your deductible is, the higher your monthly premium tends to be. The higher your deductible, the lower your monthly pet insurance cost.

  • discount icon

    Bill reimbursement percentage

    This refers to the amount that the insurance company will reimburse you for medical bills for your pet. For example, if you reach your deductible and receive a bill for $1,000 with a bill reimbursement percentage of 90%, you still have to pay $100 to the vet.

  • dog8 icon


    Dogs tend to be more expensive to insure than cats, and insurance for larger breeds or breeds with known congenital health issues might also cost more.

  • birthday icon

    Animal age

    The older your furry friend is, the more expensive their insurance tends to be. This is because many pets develop health issues as they age.

  • business icon


    Where you live can also affect the cost. If you live in an area with a higher cost of living or where there are additional environmental concerns like traffic or severe weather, your costs could be higher.

  • points icon

    Multi-pet discounts

    Some insurers offer discounts if you insure more than one pet with them.

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