Swagbucks review: How to Make Money on Swagbucks

Is Swagbucks a Legitimate and Rewarding Platform? Our Swagbucks Review Unveils the Optimal Earning Strategies, Including the Sign-Up Bonus.

Swagbucks: A Source of Effortless Earnings

Swagbucks embodies the concept of ‘easy money.’ While it doesn’t promise immense wealth, it offers the opportunity to accumulate points with minimal exertion, spanning activities from watching videos to participating in surveys.

As of the current writing, Swagbucks has disbursed over £330 million to its members. The platform boasts a ‘Great’ rating on Trustpilot, based on feedback from over 35,000 reviewers.

This review serves as a guide to understanding how Swagbucks operates and strategies to maximize your earnings from the comfort of your own home. Commence your Swagbucks journey by creating a complimentary account, and you’ll promptly commence accumulating Swagbucks and rewards. To seize a special Swagbucks bonus (exclusive to new users), simply click the link below.

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What is Swagbucks and how does it work?

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Swagbucks: Your Path to Rewards

Swagbucks serves as a web portal that rewards users with points for completing uncomplicated tasks online. These tasks encompass various activities such as online shopping, video watching, and participating in paid surveys.

Your earnings are accrued in the form of Swagbucks points, often abbreviated as ‘SBs.’ These points can be exchanged for gift cards or cash. The available gift cards span a wide spectrum of retailers, including Amazon, Caffè Nero, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, and Tesco.

Alternatively, if your aim is to augment your income, you have the option to convert your points directly into cash, depositing them into your PayPal account. For those inclined towards generosity, Swagbucks also occasionally offers the opportunity to contribute to charitable causes.

How much can you earn on Swagbucks?

To provide you with an understanding of the value of SB points, a £10 Amazon gift card typically requires 1,689 SB, while £100 in cash via PayPal necessitates 17,999 SB.

Accumulating these points can happen more rapidly than you might anticipate. Swagbucks encompasses a multitude of tasks and activities, many of which align with your regular online endeavors.

Additionally, Swagbucks frequently features sales on their rewards, enabling you to redeem vouchers with fewer SBs. As an example, at the time of writing, the £10 Amazon gift card was available for 1,000 SB, constituting a 41% discount, while £100 in PayPal credit could be obtained for 10,000 SB, reflecting a 45% reduction in SB requirements.

Is Swagbucks legit?

Indeed, Swagbucks has garnered an impressive rating of 4.2/5 from a user base exceeding 35,000 individuals. However, considering the ease with which one can accumulate earnings on the platform, it’s entirely reasonable to question the legitimacy of Swagbucks.

Swagbucks reviews on TrustpilotWhen we reached out to members of our Facebook deals group to gather their perspectives on Swagbucks, a substantial number of respondents expressed that it was a worthwhile endeavor.

Many individuals reported successful experiences in claiming gift cards as rewards from their time spent on Swagbucks. However, a recurring grievance revolved around the time required to accumulate rewards, as well as the occasional frustration of being disqualified from surveys halfway through. This disqualification typically occurs when your responses do not align with the criteria set by the survey-conducting company, rendering you an unsuitable respondent for their research.

Here is a compilation of comments shared by our Facebook group community:

11ways to make money on Swagbucks

Listed below are the most effective methods for earning money on Swagbucks:

1. Make Swagbucks your default search engine

swagbucks pop up with options for earning more swagbucks

Note: As of the current writing, we have observed that the web search feature may not consistently load results properly. We anticipate improvements in this aspect and encourage you to reach out to Swagbucks if you encounter any issues or have questions.

The simplest way to commence your earnings is by setting Swagbucks as your default search engine, displacing Google or Bing. With this modification, you’ll automatically accumulate points while conducting web searches as you typically would, but through the Swagbucks browser.

You can anticipate amassing approximately 10 to 20 SB points for every 10 to 20 searches, with the exact total contingent on your search queries. Over a span of several months of regular searching, this can culminate in accumulating several hundred pounds in rewards.

2. Complete surveys and polls

If you have ample time but limited finances, dedicating a portion of your day to completing short surveys on Swagbucks can prove to be a lucrative endeavor. These surveys generally require anywhere from three to 20 minutes to finish. Depending on the specific survey, you can anticipate earning approximately 40 to 100 SB, and sometimes even more! Additionally, there’s a brief daily poll that takes just two seconds to complete and adds an extra SB to your earnings.

3. Download apps and games to your phone

You have the opportunity to amass a diverse array of points by downloading, installing, and launching specific apps on your phone, tablet, or computer through Swagbucks.

While some apps may reward you solely for installation, more often than not, you’ll need to carry out a specific action within the app. On occasion, these opportunities may be provided by one of Swagbucks’ partners, who are all reputable entities. However, the earnings will still be in the form of Swagbucks, and this compensation can amount to several hundred SBs or even more, depending on the particular offer.

As a guiding principle, we recommend initially focusing on free apps. Paying to download or use an app solely to earn Swagbucks may not be financially advantageous, as you are likely to accumulate fewer SBs than what you spend in the process.

4. Shop online and earn cashback

We do not recommend shopping online solely to accrue additional points. However, if you already intend to make an online purchase, you can leverage the Swagbucks website to earn some points. This process is akin to the functionality of mainstream cashback platforms.

You can effortlessly acquire SBs from popular online retailers like Argos, Currys, and eBay. Prior to making a purchase, it’s advisable to conduct a quick search to ascertain if the online store in question participates in the Swagbucks rewards program.

For instance, at the time of composing this information, you have the opportunity to earn 2% cashback when booking through Expedia. Given that holidays often entail substantial expenses, this presents an excellent chance to accumulate a noteworthy quantity of points that can be subsequently converted into rewards or cash.

5. Tell your friends

You have the opportunity to accumulate SB points even while you sleep by encouraging your friends to register on Swagbucks using your referral code.

The advantages of this referral system are twofold: when your referred friends earn 300 SB within their first month, you’ll receive 300 SB as well. Additionally, for as long as your friends remain members, you will continue to earn 10% of the SB earnings they accrue.

This method offers an excellent means of passively accumulating points, benefiting both you and your friends in the process.

6. Watch out for Swag Codes

To streamline your Swagbucks experience, consider downloading the SwagButton browser extension. This extension delivers notifications about the latest ‘Swag Codes,’ which are code words or phrases periodically released by the company to generate excitement and drive members back to the homepage.

The notifications furnished by the browser extension will guide you to the specific location where the code is accessible. Once you locate it, you can easily input the code into the ‘Swag Code’ box located in the sidebar, swiftly earning yourself SB points.

7. Complete daily goals

At the top of your screen, you’ll notice a button for the daily bonus. Within this section, you’ll find a ‘to-do list’ containing a series of daily tasks for you to complete. You’ll earn points for each task you successfully accomplish, and there are bonus points awarded when you manage to check off every task on your list in a single day.

By activating the Swagbucks ‘daily goal’ feature (accessible through the button in the header), the platform will designate a specific target number of SBs for you to strive for. If you achieve your daily goal, you’ll receive additional bonus points.

It’s advisable not to expend actual money on the ‘Deal of the Day’ unless it genuinely aligns with your interests. The Swagbucks you earn in return for such purchases typically have a lower value compared to the cash you would spend.

8. Enter competitions

If you have confidence in your luck when it comes to entering contests, don’t hesitate to participate in Swagbucks’ recurrent limited-time giveaways, also known as ‘Swagstakes.’

These competitions typically feature more generous bundles of SBs as prizes. It’s important to bear in mind that entering these contests involves a degree of risk, as you’re required to utilize SBs to join each competition.

For instance, you might decide to enter a contest with the chance to win 100 SB, but participating may entail a cost of 2 SB.

9. Play games online and on mobile

The time you spend playing games on your phone can now be a rewarding endeavor!

In addition to compensating you for downloading and playing games, Swagbucks occasionally hosts its games, identifiable by the inclusion of the word ‘Swag.’

For playing the free games, you can typically earn up to 6 SB. However, it’s worth noting that in certain games, SBs are only attainable once you reach a specific level. Hence, being proficient in these games is quite advantageous.

If you have a penchant for general knowledge, consider trying out Swagbucks Daily Trivia. Participation in this game is free, and all you need to do is download the app. Similar to most live quiz apps, your objective is to provide accurate responses to a series of multiple-choice questions. Should you successfully navigate the quiz and reach the end, you stand a chance to win a portion of the total prize pool (thousands of dollars paid out in Swagbucks every week).

Based on experience, some of the questions can be rather challenging. However, you have the opportunity to obtain a free ‘rejoin’ by watching video ads, allowing you to remain in the game even if you miss a question.

10. Sign up for services

Registering for complimentary trials and enrolling in services such as TV and online gaming can yield significant rewards.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to exercise discretion and only pursue this option if you genuinely intend to make use of the service in question. Some of these trials or subscriptions may necessitate an initial financial commitment on your part.

However, if the services are genuinely free (e.g., a credit report or a streaming service trial), it can be a worthwhile endeavor, as they typically offer a substantial number of points as a reward.

11. Scan receipts

Did you know that you can accumulate SB by simply scanning your receipts? On the Swagbucks website, within the ‘Magic Receipt’ section, you’ll discover a catalog of items that make you eligible to earn SB. If you’ve made a purchase of any of these items, add them to your list on the website and proceed to submit the corresponding receipt.

It’s important to note that certain items must be purchased from specific stores to qualify for SB, so it’s advisable to review the fine print. You can do this by clicking on the item, which will provide details such as the designated store, expiration date, and any other conditions.

It’s generally not recommended to purchase these items solely for the purpose of acquiring SB, as the points you receive are typically of lesser value than the cost of the item. However, if you happen to buy the product in question anyway, it makes sense to earn some additional SB in the process!

Go ahead and sign up for Swagbucks to kickstart your journey toward earning SBs right away. Membership is free, so you have nothing to lose, and there’s a plethora of rewards waiting to be seized.

However, it’s essential to exercise restraint and avoid allowing the allure of high SB points to entice you into spending money that you wouldn’t have spent otherwise!

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