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Ogun Teach Login Portal 2023 teach.ogunstate.gov.ng OGUN Teach Recruitment Portal. Check out the details below to apply successfully for the current hiring.

It is the Ogun state government assured that the strictest adherence to fairness and due process will be observed in the course of the process of securing candidates in “Ogun Teach. “Ogun Teach” Scheme.

To ensure that standards are maintained and fairness in the selection process The Director of Education, Science, and Technology prof. Abayomi Arigbabu, gave this assurance during the screening process for Ogun State Teaching Intervention Program (OGUN Teach) applicants in Abeokuta.

Arigbabu claimed that the program was planned right from the beginning in a manner that would allow the government to achieve the highest quality results for its education system. He said that hiring skilled people to teach in the classrooms will improve the quality of education.

He stressed that applicants needed to possess relevant qualifications in education obtained from accredited institutions that have at minimum a second-class degree or better to be employed in secondary schools. The holders of the National Certificate in Education (NCE) required to be meritorious before being employed to teach in elementary schools. said.

The Commissioner declared, “For Candidates To Have Made It Up To The Interview Level, They Have Up To 80% Chance Of Being Employed,” noting that she was satisfied with the degree of cooperation and behavior by the panelists and interviewees.

Aminat Adeniji, and Oluwaseyi Ajibola, who spoke on behalf of the other applicants and other applicants, praised the management of the ministry for the procedure, describing it simple and easy.

What Are the Requirements for OGUN Teach Recruitment?

  • NCE (with at least the bare minimum merit in subject of teaching) (with an absolute minimum quality in subjects taught)
  • B.A. (Ed), B.Sc. (Ed) (Ed), B.Sc. (Ed) B. Ed (with a minimum grade of second-class lower division in subjects taught) in contrast to those who have an B.A. or B.Sc. in any subject that is suitable for secondary or primary school. additionally required to hold a Post-Graduate Diploma in Educational (PGDE) from accredited universities.
  • B.Sc. (Ed), B.Sc. (Tech), B.Sc. (Ed), B.Sc. HND (for Technical Colleges only)
  • Only applicants who complete an online application and a full Curriculum Vitae (CV), along with other supporting documents will be considered.

How to Successfully Apply via Ogun Teach Login Portal

By logging into teach.ogunstate.gov.ng, applicants are required to submit their applications and register through the Ogun State Job Portal.

Apply Online teach.ogunstate.gov.ng
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After receiving a stipend every month for a period of two (2) years The successful applicants, also known as TEACH interns – will receive assignments to Local Govt Areas that are in dire need of their assistance.

They are then assessed on their expertise, commitment to their job as well as their punctuality respect for authority and the willingness to perform regardless of where they are posted and so on.

Excellent Teach Interns could be considered for full-time employment when the position becomes available after their teaching experience has ended.

Candidates must sign the acknowledgment form and the completed application form when they have completed the application. The application must be sent to the department for recruitment before the date specified in the application form.

Deadline for OGUN Teach Registration

The date of the deadline to apply for Ogun State Teachers Recruitment 2022 was announced. It is your responsibility to complete your online application.

We’ll continue to update this site every day, so make sure to check back regularly.

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