NSCDC Recruitment 2023/2024 Latest News About NSCDC Recruitment Today – Recruitment In Nigeria

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NSCDC Jobs 2023, Latest Information about NSCDC Employment Today On on the www.nscdc.gov.ng portal, you’ll be able to read the NSCDC announcements today, as well as how you can apply successfully to the ongoing recruitment campaign.

On December 12 applicants of an entry-level position in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) will be accepted. The information was released through the NSCDC in a press release on the official job board site.

This is a detailed guide to how to apply for 2023’s recruitment through the www.nscdc.gov.ng application portal, along with details about how to apply and other requirements.

Visit this portal for applications (www.nscdc.gov.ng) and the requirements and the instructions for NSCDC Employment 2023 along with all other details you require to be aware of.

Recent News about NSCDC Employment Today

On Thursday this week, on Thursday, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps dispelled an online rumor claiming that an aptitude test was scheduled to be conducted on January 8, which has become viral. This was said in a document written and signature by Olusola Odious Olusola Odious, the Corps spokesperson.

The advertisement was “fake false, deceitful and a deliberate effort by cybercriminals and fraudsters to gain advantage of the process of recruitment,” according to the organization.

The job seekers were asked to keep their calm and patiently wait for timely updates and details about the process of hiring, in the same way that the NSCDC advised the public not to fall for scammers who offer jobs.

“The Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps is aware of a mis-crafted message sent to prospective applicants concerning the recently announced NSCDC 2023 recruitment campaign that has been circulating through the media, on different social media platforms and also in WhatsApp Groups,” the statement read.

All candidates who were shortlisted to take those taking the CDCFIB Computer-Based Aptitude Test have been notified of The Nigeria Immigration Service on Friday to check their email and telephones at noon for announcements about the exam location.

NSCDC 2023 Recruiting Update

The NSCDC application for recruitment 2023 is available for free, which is important information to have. Make sure to keep this in mind if you’re looking to apply for open post within the corps. The application is available online at the NSCDC’s recruitment portal.

It is necessary to first visit the NSCCDC Recruitment 2023 Application page as well as to the Official Civil Defense 2023 recruitment portal in order to fill out an application.

www.nscdc.gov.ng as well as cdfipb.careers are the two websites that cater to civil defense job openings. The site for the recruitment portal is expected to be available in the near future, once the recruitment officially launched.

Essential Requirements for NSCDC For Recruitment in 2023

  • Height (Male) 1.68 m – 1.68 m
  • Height (Female) 1.65 m to 1.65 m
  • Age: 18-30
  • Academic Requirements: B.Sc. HND, B.Sc. OND, WASSCE

A Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree in any field related to it from an accredited university or an HND course relevant to the area of study. Furthermore, having a thorough knowledge of computers and the essential programs that are used to work, and to be able to complete the different tasks needed by the business.

Guidelines For A Successful NSCDC Application

The process of applying for a job with Civil Defense is very simple. All you need to do is sign up on the official site for recruitment, www.nscdc.gov.ng. After you’ve done the registration process, you can upload your documents on the portal and provide the required information. The steps for applying to be considered for NSCDC 2023’s recruitment are as in the following order:

  • Go to visit the CDFIPB Careers website at www.nscdc.gov.ng.
  • Choose “apply”
  • Complete your biographical details there.
  • Upload your credentials including your identification.
  • When you’ve completed your application, you must submit it.
  • Contact with the candidates who have been shortlisted will be made shortly.
Apply Online www.nscdc.gov.ng.
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As a paramilitary organization that is responsible for protecting Nigerians in public places and other events, the NSCDC sometimes requires new staff members. Information on the Civil Defense’s hiring process will be released to the general public after it starts.

The NSCDC has made it explicit on their website www.nscdc.gov.ng that applying for a job within the organization is cost-free and open to the general public. This means that you must be eligible to participate in the process of recruitment in the event that you have the necessary qualifications.

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