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RRC Recruitment 2023 Norwegian Refugee Council Recruitment 2023 Application Form & Portal Take a look out the jobs available below, and apply online through the official website.

We are looking for people who are passionate about helping people who are who are forced to leave their home. Do you happen to be one of those individuals? If yes, then you’re in luck. Norwegian Refugee Council provides you with the chance to:

NRC is focused on the quality of its products. On the field we work hard to resolve problems in remote areas. We conduct ourselves professionally, respecting all people, with the highest priority placed on safety and collaboration. In a professional setting you will be able to learn quickly.

NRC explores new ideas. In order to tackle the difficult issues we face We promote new concepts and give responsibility to all employees of all levels. You will be given numerous opportunities to be heard and be a leader.

Basic Facts About The Norwegian Refugee Council

We are comprised of about 16,000 human rights activists from a variety of backgrounds beliefs, opinions, and different ages. You will work with others who are friendly positive, enthusiastic, and cooperative.

We strive to create a respectful and friendly workplace that appreciates the diversity in religion, culture and color, as well as gender. We operate in our field, or in our headquarters in the headquarters, we are determined to improve the conditions and rights of the refugees. We welcome you to our international community of colleagues, humanitarians and acquaintances.

NRC Recruitment 2023 Available Jobs & Locations

  • HR Intern, Ecuador Quito
  • Finance Intern, Ecuador Quito
  • Finance Officer, Afghanistan Badghis
  • Global Emergency Response Team Leader
  • ICLA Assistant, Ecuador Guayaquil
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Nigeria Yola
  • Education Project Manager, Ukraine Odessa
  • Livelihoods and Food Security Project Manager, Ukraine Odessa
  • Prequalified Enumerators – Jubaland
  • Asistente Tecnico Agua, Saneamiento e Higiene – Tumaco, Colombia (Solo nacionales)
  • HR and Admin Technical Assistant DR Congo Bunia
  • Education Team Leader, South Sudan Akobo
  • Education Officer, South Sudan Duk
  • Education Assistant, Somalia Kismayo
  • Education Coordinator Somalia Jubbaland
  • Logistics Officer DR Congo Mahagi

Basic Requirements for Norwegian Refugee Council Recruitment 2023

To ensure that you don’t make mistakes in your application process, it is crucial to remember that every job opening require specific qualifications to be met, and we may not include them in this article. For clarity we suggest that you go to our Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) official portal to learn more regarding the requirements for ongoing recruitment.3

How To Successfully Apply for NRC Recruitment 2023

The steps below will help you navigate the process of applying for a position at Norwegian Refugee Council. Norwegian Refugee Council:

  • Go to to access the NRC login portal.
  • Scroll down, and then click ” See All Vacancies
  • Follow the instructions on their official site of Norwegian Refugee Council.
  • Complete out and submit your application form.
Apply Online
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Steps To Note During The NRC’s Recruitment Process

The next five steps are usually included in the process of recruitment. The process can last up to four months, however it is generally much quicker.

Examining applications that are received before the timeframe

We will examine your application and evaluate your eligibility in relation to the requirements for job descriptions following the date of the deadline.

We start by making sure that you’ve got the required language proficiency. Then, we usually examine your work background, the types of job you’ve had as well as the tasks you were in the charge, as well as the location you’ve worked in. We will also confirm if you’ve earned any professional certifications or education.

Each time we have an open position We receive a variety of applicants. The applicant should receive a response via email within one month from the deadline to submit your application. We are sorry that you haven’t received an answer by then. The absence of an answer means that you weren’t selected in the first place, since we endeavor to contact everyone who was shortlisted.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to provide complete feedback to those who would like to know why they weren’t selected.

Be aware that applications that don’t meet the minimum requirements for required experience or qualifications will not be considered. Applications that are not solicited and are not correlated to a specific advertisement for a job will be denied as well.

Tests and assessments for candidates shortlisted

We will be working with a select group of people who we think are the most suitable to the job.

Our assessment method is specific to the job we are trying to fill. It could comprise:

  • Aptitude tests to test your cognitive or logical skills (e.g. numerical, verbal, abstract logical).
  • Tests on your personality can aid in understanding what your are likely to be in various situations.
  • Personal traits and circumstances that you may bring to a job.
  • Tests that test the technical aspects of specific areas of expertise (e.g. education, security, finance).
  • Tests of fluency in the language are often conducted during the interview.

A decision about a potential candidate will never be solely based on test results and will depend on a thorough examination of your application, your tests and interviews.

Interviews with shortlisted candidates

Typically two interviews are carried out in rapid intervals. The role you are in and the location you are situated, the interviews will take place or in person in one of our offices or by phone or Skype.

In most cases, they are comprised of the Human Resources representative, a technical specialist, and a hiring manager.

We would like to know more about your background, what you’ve done in the past and the reasons you’d like work at NRC. work with us at NRC.

We will assess your behavioral and technical skills in order to determine the evidence that supports your capabilities. We will evaluate your attitude towards and experiences in dealing with stress, resilience and health in field-based candidates.

The interview should also provide you with an the chance to find out more regarding NRC and the position which you are looking for.

Background checks for final candidates

Our ability to safeguard and aid refugees, people who have been displaced as well as other vulnerable individuals is depend on our employees’ ability to adhere to and encourage the most ethics and standards of professionalism. We will take every step to hire competent staff.

After after the interview process, background of the final candidates will be inspected by asking to see and following up on the references. Certain screening tests including criminal or police records related to child protection will have to be completed for certain job opportunities.

Offer and contract for employment offer as well as a contract

If the candidate who is selected is chosen and the selection process is completed and approved, they will be issued a job offer.

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