How To Make Money On Instagramming Studygrams Revision Notes

Revamping your revision routine doesn’t have to be confined to lengthy days in the library. Now, you can turn your notes into a tool for not just boosting your social media followers but also adding some cash to your pockets.

While snapping photos of your culinary adventures is a common Instagram trend, have you ever considered that your ticket to Instagram fame might lie in your revision notes?

Studygrams, dedicated Instagram accounts focused on studying, have gained considerable popularity. One Law student, for instance, has amassed tens of thousands of followers simply by sharing pictures of her revision notes.

Her posts featuring highlighters, gel pens, note cards, and revision snacks have garnered thousands of likes. The best part? Her social media following has opened avenues for earning some extra cash.

Curious about her approach and how you can replicate it? Let’s delve into the details.

How to start a studygram

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If you’re someone who collects highlighters with enthusiasm or finds joy in crafting colorful mind maps, this could be your cup of tea.

While possessing impeccable handwriting and a touch of calligraphy skills might be advantageous, the key to a successful studygram lies in discovering your unique style and maintaining a consistent posting schedule.

Whether you opt for meticulously typed-up notes or the charm of scrap paper is entirely your choice. The essence is in cultivating your distinctive style and gradually expanding your follower base.

Remember, the style you choose may require an investment in vibrant stationery and pens to make your account truly stand out.

An indispensable skill in this endeavor is an eye for what constitutes a captivating Instagram photo. Sharp, clean lines, a visually appealing color palette, and a compelling caption all play crucial roles.

Equally important is the ability to build a following and delve into sponsored content. For a comprehensive guide on monetizing your social media presence, head over to our guide on making money from social media.

Running a successful studygram account

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Han established the account as a fusion of her passion for photography and an activity she knew would consume a significant portion of her time at university – studying.

Beyond the daily posts showcasing vibrant and colorful desk setups, she dedicates effort to actively involve her followers and cultivate a robust audience. Engaging through questions, responding to comments, and connecting with similar accounts are integral to her strategy.

In addition to her visually appealing content, Han’s account serves as a treasure trove of valuable revision tips. From optimal brain foods to her recommendations for the best student apps, her feed offers a wealth of insights for fellow students.

Making money from studygrams

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Accumulating thousands of followers isn’t just a boost to the ego; it can also serve as a lucrative avenue if you know how to leverage it.

Han, for instance, has seamlessly integrated giveaways and sponsored content into her Instagram posts, transforming her studygram account into a profitable venture. Capitalizing on her organizational and revision planning skills, she extends her offerings to include timetables, plans, and calendars available for purchase on her website.

While it demands hard work and commitment, Instagram presents a unique yet effective pathway to earning money during university. If the prospect of financial gain doesn’t kickstart your motivation for serious revision, what will?

Successful studygrammers to inspire you

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Legally Studies isn’t the sole student transforming aesthetically pleasing revision notes into a flourishing studygram.

Emma Studies, a third-year Communications student in Australia, boasts an impressive following of nearly 300,000 despite being less active recently. Her vibrant revision pictures continue to captivate a substantial audience.

The trend extends beyond university, with A Level and GCSE students joining the movement. Sophie, known as myhoneststudyblr, gained thousands of followers as an A Level student, showcasing her immaculate handwriting and dazzling revision notes. Now pursuing international relations, she commands a following of nearly 180,000.

Regardless of your educational stage, seize the opportunity to showcase and sell your revision notes using the hashtag #studyinspo!

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