How to make money From babysitting Business

Working as a babysitter while at university offers more than just an enjoyable source of income; it can also have a positive impact on your career prospects.

Indeed, babysitting is commonly associated with part-time work for teenagers, but its potential for university students to earn money is sometimes overlooked.

When students seek part-time employment, they tend to gravitate towards opportunities in the retail or hospitality sectors. Yet, babysitting offers a distinct and often underestimated avenue for supplementing one’s financial resources while attending university.

For those who require some persuasion, we’ve compiled valuable information on how students can optimize their experience as a babysitter. In this guide, we will explore strategies to increase your earnings, gain additional insights, and leverage this opportunity to bolster your future career prospects.

Why should you become a babysitter?

Here are some of the best reasons to become a babysitter:

Babysitting is typically a well-compensated job that offers the flexibility to accommodate your university schedule. Besides the financial benefits, it also provides several advantages for your personal and professional development.

Firstly, babysitting offers valuable experience to enhance your CV. It showcases your qualities as a responsible and reliable worker who can be entrusted with important responsibilities. This experience can be especially beneficial if you aspire to work with children in the future, such as pursuing a career in teaching or childcare.

Moreover, babysitting can help improve your punctuality and organizational skills. Being late to pick up children from school or fulfilling your responsibilities can jeopardize the job, so it encourages you to become more disciplined and time-conscious.

Lastly, babysitting introduces you to potential professional connections in the form of the children’s parents. These parents can serve as character references when you embark on your graduate job search. Their testimonials can attest to your reliability, trustworthiness, and competence, which can greatly benefit your future career prospects.

How to become a babysitter

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If you’re unsure about how to get into babysitting, you can use these tips:

Creating an online presence and developing strategies to secure babysitting jobs can significantly boost your opportunities in the field. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Online Profile or Website: Build a professional website or online profile that reflects your passion for working with children. Share personal stories about why you love babysitting, mention if you have younger siblings, and highlight any previous babysitting experiences. If possible, include a couple of references. Don’t forget to attach your CV to the page.
  2. Business Cards: Design and distribute business cards at locations where parents gather, such as schools, parks, and playgroups. Include a link to your online profile for easy access to your information.
  3. Network with Friends and Family: Begin by offering your babysitting services to friends and family members. People who know and trust you are more likely to give you a chance. Request glowing references from those you have worked for to build your credibility.
  4. Online Communities: Join online communities and add babysitting to your LinkedIn profile. This will increase your visibility and make you more accessible to potential clients. Participate in local babysitting groups on social media platforms like Facebook.
  5. DBS Check: Consider obtaining a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. This check demonstrates your commitment to safety and can reassure parents that you are trustworthy around their children. Keep in mind that DBS checks may take time to process and come with a fee (around £18).
  6. Join an Agency: Explore opportunities to join a babysitting agency. While it may be challenging to get accepted without prior experience, it’s worth researching if there are agencies in your area. You can also explore online platforms like, which list various babysitting jobs across the UK. Parents seeking an experienced sitter usually specify their requirements, making it easier for newcomers to identify suitable job listings.

How old do you have to be to babysit?

Legally, there is no specified minimum age requirement for individuals to become babysitters. However, it’s important to consider that some parents may prefer to hire slightly older babysitters as they often perceive them to be more responsible and better equipped to handle any potential issues that may arise while caring for their children.

It’s worth noting that, even though individuals can become babysitters at any age, the ultimate responsibility for the well-being and safety of the child or children in their care still rests with the parents or guardians, particularly if the babysitter is under the age of 16. This emphasizes the importance of communication and trust between parents, guardians, and babysitters to ensure the children’s safety and proper care.

Are babysitters and childminders the same thing?

In summary, babysitting and childminding are distinct roles.

Childminding typically occurs in the childminder’s home, while babysitters usually go to the child’s home to provide care.

There are legal distinctions as well. To receive payment for regularly caring for a child under the age of eight for more than two hours, in a location other than their own home, you are required to be registered with Ofsted.

To become a registered Ofsted childminder, you must undergo paediatric first aid training, DBS checks, obtain insurance, complete safeguarding training, and be capable of delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. This process is time-consuming, which is one of the reasons why childminding is typically considered a full-time occupation.

To avoid legal issues, it’s advisable to focus on caring for children in their own home, unless they are eight years old or older.

How much should you charge for babysitting?

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While babysitting can be a relatively well-paying job, there are strategies to maximize your earnings.

Babysitting rates can vary based on factors such as your location (rates are typically higher in London compared to the Midlands), your level of experience, and the specific responsibilities you’re expected to handle. For instance, if you’re responsible for meal preparation, house cleaning, or simply playing with the children, your hourly rate should reflect these duties. suggests that the typical babysitting rate ranges from £8 to £12 per hour, with higher rates in some areas, like London, where it can be £15 per hour or more. It’s essential to conduct your research and determine your own hourly rate, considering your location and specific circumstances. You can use regional comparison tools to help you establish a competitive rate.

How to Make more money babysitting

Here are the best ways to make more money as a babysitter:

1. Offer to stay overnight or for the weekend

Offering to stay overnight with the kids, or even for an entire weekend, can be a lucrative opportunity. If parents are planning to go away and entrust you with the responsibility of caring for their children during that time, it’s a chance to earn a significant amount.

In such cases, charging an hourly rate may not be the most suitable approach. Instead, it’s a good practice to agree on a fixed sum in advance that fairly compensates you for your time and the extended care you’ll be providing.

2. Work breaks and bank holidays

Being available during the holidays can be advantageous not only for the parents but for you as well, as it allows you to increase your rates.

On New Year’s Eve, consider charging double your usual hourly rate. Additionally, on bank holidays, it’s typically acceptable to charge time and a half for your babysitting services.

3. Be flexible with your availability

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To maximize your earnings as a babysitter, being available during times that are challenging for parents is essential. When parents know they can rely on you, especially in emergency situations like a sick child or last-minute schedule changes, they’ll appreciate your assistance. They might even provide you with a tip as a token of gratitude.

4. Offer to babysit at parties and events

Informing the family about your capacity to oversee additional children during occasions such as dinner soirées constitutes a remarkable approach to elevate your earnings.

For instance, when they host a grand soiree or a soirée at their residence, you can extend your offer to maintain the merriment of all the youngsters present, including the offspring of their guests, to ensure they don’t engage in boisterous conduct.

You could even extend your availability to accompany them to nuptial celebrations or social gatherings at the abodes of other individuals.

This will also allow you to captivate other households with your exceptional babysitting acumen. Hence, do remember to have your calling cards readily at your disposal.

5. Ask for travel expenses

When you find yourself working late into the evening, it’s a reasonable request to ask the parents to cover your taxi fare for the journey back home.

It’s essential to recognize that taking a taxi can be expensive, and parents should understand that this is an extra expense associated with hiring you for evening work.

If, for any reason, they are hesitant to cover the taxi fare, you can suggest a compromise by requesting a slightly higher hourly rate for night shifts to account for the added cost.

6. Tutor the children while babysitting

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One significant advantage of being a student babysitter is that your university education equips you to be an ideal candidate for tutoring as well.

If you excel in a specific subject that could benefit the children, you can propose an additional few hours of tutoring each week.

Moreover, if you’re fluent in a second language, this presents a golden opportunity to earn extra income, as parents often desire their kids to learn another language.

Regardless of what you’re teaching, it’s important to keep in mind that you should charge a higher fee for this additional service.

How to be a good babysitter

Here are some tips on being a good babysitter:

1. Engage with the kids – Ask questions, take an interest, and remember things they tell you. Children are accustomed to competing with phones for human attention, and if they feel like you’re distracted, they might act out.

2. Clarify house rules before you start – Remember that children will assume you aren’t aware of the rules and may try to persuade you to bend them. This is just how kids operate! Make sure you understand the do’s and don’ts before you take charge.

3. Plan activities – Watching TV with children can get dull. If they become bored, they’ll find a way to let their parents know. Think of enjoyable activities you can do with them to make babysitting more exciting (this will earn you points). Board games, art projects, or a trip to the park with friends – these activities all contribute to your success.

4. Give the parents a tidy house to come home to – While you’re in charge, maintaining a clean and orderly house is your responsibility. You can’t underestimate how important it is for parents to return home after a long day and find a calm, clean, and tidy house.

5. Report back – When the parents return, inform them about the activities you’ve done with the kids. Parents appreciate insights into how you’ve interacted with their children. Sharing small details about what transpired shows that you’re attentive and not simply leaving the kids in front of the TV the entire time.

6. Be reliable and stick to your word – Last-minute babysitter cancellations can be a parent’s worst nightmare. Always provide as much notice as possible if you ever need to cancel.

7. Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with – If you’re not confident about something (such as having the children’s friends over, driving them somewhere, or supervising them in a crowded place), it’s best to decline. Your comfort and confidence are essential for ensuring the children’s safety.

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