Find Net10 Account Number And PIN In Minutes

To port your number from Net10 to another network, the new carrier will request you to submit some details. These are the details the new carrier needs to process your port-in request.

For most carriers, the details you need to complete the port-out process are your Net10 account number, transfer PIN and SSN.

In a nutshell, your Net10 account number is your phone’s IMEI. For the transfer PIN, you have to text Net10 customer support to get your PIN. You will get the PIN as an SMS on your Net10 number.

Continue reading to learn how to get these details you need to transfer your number from Net10 to another network. These details are similar regardless of the network.

About Net10 Account Number

Most networks assign a unique account number to new customers during the activation process. Net10 works the same. Rather the network assigns your device IMEI as your account number.

You will need the account number to complete major changes in your account. That includes porting your number from Net10 to a new network.

Note that your Net10 account number is not the same as your phone number. Some people make the mistake of submitting their Net10 phone number as the account number during the port-out process. If you do this, the new carrier won’t process your port-in request.

How To Find The Net10 Account Number?

As mentioned, your Net10 account number is your phone’s IMEI number. There are different ways to find the IMEI number of your device.

If the device has a removable battery, remove the battery and check for the stick with the IMEI number. Another method is to go to Settings> About Device> IMEI Number. The final method is to dial *#06# on the device to display the IMEI number.

How To Find Net10 Transfer PIN?

The transfer PIN is the second important information you need to port a number from Net10.

The idea of the transfer PIN is to add an extra layer of protection to prevent scammers from placing unauthorized port-outs for other people’s numbers.

Also, your Net10 transfer PIN is not 0000 as some people will want you to believe. To get your transfer PIN, text NTP to 611611. Ensure you send this text from your Net10 number. You will receive the transfer PIN as a text.

The network allows you to place up to 3 requests for a transfer PIN in 24 hours. After that, you have to wait until 24 hours to place a new request.

Net10 SSN

Most networks don’t request your SSN, but if your network requests this, you can submit 0000 as the default SSN.

Can’t Find Net10 Transfer Details

If for any reason you can’t find any of the details you need to port your number from Net10, simply contact Net10 support at 1-877-836-2368. The support person will guide you on how to recover the detail or help you generate a new detail in place of the old one. 

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