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Dangote refinery recruitment process 2023. Find out how you can submit your application in the Dangote refinery recruitment. Are you a non-experienced or a seasoned hire? Are you submitting your application as an Internship applicant?

All you need to do to be successful in submitting your application for the current Dangote Refinery Recruitment process will be covered in the following paragraphs. The applicants are advised to adhere to all the instructions on the Dangote Refinery application portal in order to be eligible for the job openings available.

Please be aware the fact that you Curriculum Vitae (CV) should be updated and, as such the information you fill in the Dangote Petroleum Refinery & Petrochemical Candidate Application Form must be current in order to get access to the next phase of recruiting.

Have you seen the Dangote’s ongoing job ad? Are you interested in submitting an application? If yes, then congratulations! It’s wonderful to be reading this article right this moment.

In this post, you’ll be taught how to apply to Dangote refinery job openings along with extensive information regarding the application procedure.

Make sure you read thoroughly before you go to the recruitment portal to collect the most relevant details about Dangote Refinery Recruitment 2023.

Is Dangote Refinery Recruitment 2023 Still Going On?

Yes, recruitment for Dangote 2023 has started. The invitations are currently being distributed to those who have the required qualifications for the job.

Candidates from all walks of life can access the application form free of charge on the recruitment website dangoterefinery.org.

You can apply regardless of the country of residence as long as you fulfill the criteria for the open post. The applicants from the 36 federal states of Nigeria may apply to help make the process simpler.

Dangote Refinery Recruitment 2023 General Requirements

  • Any candidate that is considered for consideration should be Nigerian.
  • Candidates must present a valid ID like an ID card from the country of origin as well as an international passport for when they apply.
  • The applicant must possess a current Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • The candidate must have earned at minimum five (5) credits from either WAEC/GCE/NEC, or NABTEB including English Language and Mathematics, not greater than two (2) examinations.
  • The applicant must possess an HND, degree or equivalent, from a recognized Nigerian institution.
  • The candidate must have an NYSC exemption or discharge certificate, and belong to appropriate professional organizations.
  • Ability to think holistically and strategically
  • Great problem-solving skills
  • Excellent leadership and management of people capabilities
  • Excellent written and oral skills for communication
  • Excellent interpersonal abilities
  • The applicant must be capable of paying attention to the smallest of details and be able to relocate to any area of the country, if needed.
  • The applicant must be a member of a team.
  • The person is expected to be able to perform without supervision.
  • The applicant must be able to comprehend the requirements of the job for which the position is being sought. Candidates with work experience relevant to the position will be more successful.

These requirements could be seen as a barometer of Dangote Group’s selection criteria for successful candidates. We suggest that you consider these criteria seriously.

How to Successfully Apply for Dangote Refinery Recruitment 2023

After reviewing the criteria for recruitment follow the steps listed below to submit your application.

  • To start, go to the portal to apply for jobs dangoterefinery.org.
  • Input all your data accurately. (Name, Nationality, Qualification, Dob, Email, Work experience, etc.)
  • You must provide at minimum two references from professionals with whom you’ve collaborated on previous or current assignments.
  • Upload your Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Then submit.
Apply Online dangoterefinery.org
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Be sure that your documents are clearly scanned and utilize originals. Additionally, the scanned documents should not exceed 2MB.

Dangote Refinery Recruitment Deadline

Deadline of application for Dangote Refinery Recruitment is Thursday June 1st, 2023. Candidates interested in applying should submit their CV and cover letter to the email address specified before this date.

In the event that you do not submit your application before the deadline could cause the disqualification of applicants. Make sure to include the job you’re applying for in an subject in your mail in the process of sending your application.

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