Cox Change Address: Move Cox Service To New Address

No doubt, moving homes can be stressful. That is because; you have to make arrangements to move not just your properties, but your essential utilities to the new address.

As a Cox internet subscriber, you can take your internet service with you when you move to a new address. Moving your Cox internet service to a new address is not stressful as long as you follow the proper moving process.

This post outlines the step-to-step guide on how to move your Cox internet service to a new address. Also, you will learn some of the things to do before, during, and after moving your internet service to a new address.

How To Move Your Cox Service To A New Address

a. Confirm Cox Network In New Location

This is the first step to take when you decide to move your Cox service to a new address. You need to confirm that there is a Cox network in the new location. Check for this information on the Cox site by following the steps below:

. Visit the Cox account login page.

. Enter your ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’ to log into your account.

. Under the ‘Account’ option, scroll down and click on ‘Move My Service’.

. In the space for ‘Service Address’ enter your new address. Also, include the City, State, and ZIP code for the new address.

. Click on ‘Check Availability’ and wait for an update.

. If there is the Cox network in the new location, you will see the ‘Great! Cox Services Are Available At’ success message.

. Click on ‘Continue To Review Plan’ to continue the process.

Cox Service Not Available In New Address

 Cox network service may not be available in your new location. You will get this error message ‘Unfortunately, Our Services Are Not Available At’. You may be wondering what to do next if the service is not available in your new location.

If the Cox service is not available at your new address, you have to cancel your Cox service account. Contact Cox customer support to discontinue your service and cancel your account. After that, you are to return your Cox equipment if you leased the equipment from Cox.

b. Move Cox Equipment To New Location:

After you confirm there is Cox service in the new location, the next step is to commence the moving process. First, you have to decide if you qualify for Cox Easy Connect or Cox Pro Connect.

If you are on the Cox Easy Connect, you will receive an installation kit at your new address. On the other hand, if you are on the Pro Connect plan, you have to move the equipment from your current address to the new address.

First, disconnect all the cables and wires, and gather all accessories including the modem and remote control. Wrap the device and accessories in bubble wrap before planning in a shipping box. This helps to protect the equipment during the moving process.

c. Install Cox In New Home

In your new location, you have the option to self-install the service or book an appointment with Cox for a technician to come to handle the installation process.

Self-Install Cox Equipment In New Home

This post is not a guide on how to self-install Cox service in a new home. But here is a breakdown of the process to self-install the Cox service in your new home.

. Order the ‘Cox Self-Installation’ kit from the Cox store or online.

. Buy other equipment you need to complete the process. That includes the router.

. Follow the steps in this post and the video below to complete the installation process.

Book An Appointment For A Cox Technician

If you can’t handle the installation process in your new home, you can book an appointment for a Cox technician to come to handle the installation. Make sure you schedule a time and date when you will be home for the installation process. Follow the steps below to book an appointment:

. Visit the Cox account login page.

. Enter your ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’ to log into your account.

. Click on ‘My Appointment’ to check any current appointments. You have the option to update the appointment time and date by clicking on ‘Manage Appointment’.

d. Change Address

The final step in the process is to change your address, which is your billing address to reflect your new address. Without updating your billing address, Cox will continue to send your monthly bill to your new address. Follow the steps below to update your billing address

. Visit the Cox account login page.

. Enter your ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’ to log into your account.

. Click on ‘Billing’ and Update beside the ‘Billing Address’ option.

. Select if you want your ‘Service Address’ to be different from your ‘Billing Address’.

. Enter your new address and click on ‘Continue’ to save. You will see a confirmation message once your address is updated in the account.


This post has outlined all it takes to change your Cox service address and move service to a new location. Have you completed this process before? Is there any additional step that helped with your process? Please include it in the comment section to help other readers.

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