Connect To O2 Underground Wi-Fi: Complete Guide

While commuting via the London Underground, your device will likely disconnect from the network. This means being off grid until you get to your destination.

All thanks to the Underground Wi-Fi technology, you can remain connected to the network while in transit. With this option, you can catch up on your urgent work, and respond to emails while in transit.

This post explains how the O2 underground Wi-Fi works. You will also learn how to set up and connect to the underground Wi-Fi, cost, and troubleshooting.

How Does The O2 Underground Wi-Fi Works?

O2 Underground Wi-Fi came as a result of the partnership between the O2 network and London Underground. It allows customers to connect to the Wi-Fi network while on the go.

With the underground Wi-Fi, you can access the internet, check and reply to emails and download basic documents on your device.

The O2 Wi-Fi is available to O2 customers on non-customers alike. For O2 customers, you have to be on the ‘Pay As You Go’ plan to access the O2 Wi-Fi Extra (underground Wi-Fi)

How To Set Up O2 London Underground Wi-Fi

As a first time user, you have to set up the O2 underground Wi-Fi while above the ground. To complete the process, visit any of the O2 Wi-Fi spots in your location. After that, follow the steps below to complete the process:

a . Visit the O2 Wi-Fi map. Enter your location in the search box to find a Wi-Fi spot near you. Get to a spot and continue the setup process.

b. Go to the Wi-Fi settings in your settings and select O2 Wi-Fi from the options. (Go to Settings> Network & Internet> Network Preference> Turn on Wi-Fi> Check the available list of networks).

c. Open your favorite browser

d. Follow the onscreen instructions to register for O2 Wi-Fi. You will know if you’ve completed the setup process after you see the ‘Welcome Page’.

e. Wait for 24 hours before connecting to the O2 Underground Wi-Fi.

How To Connect To O2 Underground Wi-Fi

After you finish the setup process, the next step is to connect to the Underground Wi-Fi. It is advisable to wait for 24 hours after setup to connect.

Most recent devices will automatically connect to the network. If it doesn’t connect automatically, you have to connect the device manually. Follow the instructions below to complete the connection process.

Connect Android Device to O2 Underground Wi-Fi

For some android devices, the connection process is Settings> Connections> Wi-Fi> Wifi Extra.

For others, the connection process is Settings> Network & Internet> Network Preference> Turn on Wi-Fi> Wifi Extra.

Connect IOS Device to O2 Underground Wi-Fi

To connect an IOS device to underground Wi-Fi, go to Settings> Wi-Fi> Wifi Extra.

How Much Does O2 Wi-Fi Cost?

The O2 Underground Wi-Fi is free for O2 customers. As long as you are a ‘Pay As You Go’ customer and you have recharged your account in the last 30 days.

If you are not an O2 customer, you have to pay for a Wi-Fi pass. You can buy the pass online above the ground or on the Wi-Fi portal underground.

 Here is how much it costs to use the O2 Underground Wi-Fi users who are not O2 customers:

. £2 for 1 day

. £5 for 1 week

. £15 for 1 month

Can’t Connect To O2 Underground Wi-Fi? (Troubleshooting Tip)

If you are an O2 customer or you have purchased the Wi-Fi pass and still can’t connect to the network, here are some reasons why and troubleshooting tips:

a. Device Software Not Updated

Your device software also known as the firmware has to be up-to-date for the device to connect to O2 ‘Wifi Extra’. Firmware powers the most vital aspects of a mobile device including network connectivity.

So, if your device isn’t connecting to the Underground Wi-Fi, the first thing to check is the device software. Follow the process below to download and update the device software:

Update Software on Android

To update firmware, connect your device to a wireless network> tap on settings>about phone>updates>install system software.

Update Software on iPhone

Go to Settings> General> Software update> Download and install> Wait for the installation to be complete and restart the phone. If you don’t see the ‘Download and Install’ option, it means that your phone’s software is up-to-date.

b. Not Recharged Account

You can be an O2 ‘Pay As You Go’ customer and still not connect to the ‘Wifi Extra’. You need to have recharged your account within the last 30 days to qualify to use the ‘Wifi Extra’.

c. Switch To Alternative

If you still can’t connect to the O2 ‘Wifi Extra’, there’s an alternative available for you. Connect to Virgin Media Wi-Fi. Follow the instructions below to connect to Virgin Media Wi-Fi:

. Open the Wi-Fi settings on your device.

. Select ‘Virgin Media Wi-Fi’

. Tap on O2 from the pop-up option.

. Type in your O2 mobile number.

. The O2 splash page will show to indicate you have connected to the network.

In Summary

The O2 Wifi Extra (Underground Wi-Fi) keeps you connected while in transit. This post has explained everything you need to know about the service.

The latter part of the post outlines some troubleshooting tips to help if you can’t connect to the network.

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