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African Union Recruitment 2023: Are you interested in becoming an employee or a part of the African Union, The application forms for various posts are open to all Africans. Take a look at the vacancies for applicants from Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).

This article provides information on the latest job openings including requirements, the process do you apply, recruitment portal as well as internships and other important information.

Are you interested in applying to African Union jobs in 2023? Do you want to boost your career prospects through an internship programme with them? If yes, you’ve come to the right spot.

We’ve highlighted the information about African Union recruiting for 2023. Take the time to go through the details.

Does It? African Union 2023 Application Form In?

Yes it is true that it is true that the African Union 2023 application form is out. Anyone who is interested can download the online application form on the portal for recruiting,

You can apply to be considered for African Union (AU) Recruitment 2023 right now. Find the job openings and their descriptions, as well as qualifications, as well as how you can apply. It is the African Union is looking for professionals and graduates as well as experienced job seekers to fill the vacant positions in their organization. Jamb Exam Results

The African Union (AU) is an international body that is composed of 55 member countries which comprise the African continent’s nations. It was founded in 2002 to serve as a replacement of OAU. Organization of African Unity (OAU between 1963 and 1999).

The continent of Africa is an Africa that is integrated Peaceful, Prosperous and prosperous that is powered by its own people and a significant influence in the global arena. We are seeking candidates of Africa’s Union African Union (AU)

Why You Should Apply for the African Union Recruitment?

The work you do is more than receiving a paycheck. It’s about how you take on new and exciting challenges in your career, search for exciting rewards and make a difference to the advancement of society.

We invite you to join The African Union if you are looking to join an organization that offers employment mobility, a robust projection of growth, and the chance to make a positive impact on the world. At The African Union, innovation entails more than simply creating top-quality software. It also involves making new technologies available to create new possibilities.

We know that this does not happen randomly We create an environment that encourages flexibility and free-thinking. It’s also beneficial to be part of a global company to help develop innovative ideas.

The final result? Continuous innovation and also that warm fuzzy experience of having a positive impact on the world.

Open African Union (AU) Vacancies 2023

  • Internship
  • Director of Division Digital Trade (AfCFTA)
  • Chief Procurement Officer (AfCFTA)
  • Junior Program Officer Junior Program Officer IPR (AfCFTA)
  • Bilingual Secretary (AfCFTA)
  • Director Industry, Minerals, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism (IMET)
  • Division Information Society Division Information Society
  • Technical Cooperation and Resource Mobilization Officer (APRM)
  • Senior Risk Officer (APRM)
  • Senior Research, Methodology & Development Officer
  • Senior Program Manager Senior Programmer Continental & Global Governance Programmers (APRM)
  • Senior Procurement & Travel Officer (APRM)
  • Senior Country Review Officer Economic Governance (APRM)
  • Senior Country Review Officer Democracy & Political Governance (APRM)
  • Senior Africa Governance Report Officer (APRM)
  • Monitoring and evaluation of National Governance Programmers Officer (APRM)
  • Accountant Finance Officer (APRM)
  • Documentarist/Librarian (APRM)
  • Country Review Officer State Resilience (APRM)
  • Country Review – Socio-Economic Development Gender officer (APRM)
  • Country Review Officer Corporate Governance (APRM)
  • Certifying Officer (APRM)
  • Strategic Planner (APRM)
  • The Deputy Secretary General (AfCFTA)

As long as you fulfill the qualifications for the job, then you can apply to any of the open jobs. The requirements and eligibility criteria to apply for African Union recruiting are listed below.

Essential Requirements for 2023 African Union Recruitment

  • A person applying for the position must reside in one of the African Union member country.
  • The applicant must have valid proof of identity like an National ID card or an international passport.
  • Master’s degrees from a university in International Trade, Public Administration, Business Administration, Finance Economics, Law Finance or Management, or any related subject. 15 (15) months of professional experience relevant to the field, including at minimum 10 (10) years of experience in a managerial position of a higher level usually in an inter-governmental organisation or public service of the national level, an international or regional institution and at least five (5) years of direct supervision experience.
  • The applicant must possess the following skills:
  • Experience in leadership with a vision for the future and demonstrated skills in managing complex organizations at regional, national or international levels is needed.
  • Establishes a set of standards for accountability, transparency and value for money. risk management and zero tolerance to corruption and fraud. It ensures an honest and transparent financial management and continuously improves in efficiency, impact and efficiency.
  • Innovation, leadership, and the capability to propose and advocate for new ways of working across silos an integrated and synergistic way to ensure a peaceful and prosperous Africa are necessary.
  • Experienced experience in change management and successes on a national, regional or international scale and also an impressive capacity for mobilization of resources, diplomatic, and political capabilities; demonstrated ability to manage a multi-cultural team and create positive and productive working relationships inside and outside of the organization.
  • Experienced ability to motivate, inspire, build trust and confidence, as well as achieve consensus among a broad variety of people and organizations and to create effective campaigns and encourage collective initiative.

countries that are eligible to apply in AU Recruitment

Candidates interested in any of the countries listed below are invited to apply for the current African Union recruitment before the date.

Burundi Egypt Sahrawi Arab Tunisia Angola
Cameroon Morocco Mozambique Botswana Eswatini
Central African Republic Lesotho Malawi Namibia South Africa
Chad Burkina Faso Benin Zimbabwe Zambia
Congo Cabo Verde Cote d’Ivoire Gambia Ghana
Congo Djibouti Tanzania Uganda Guinea
Equatorial Guinea Comoros Rwanda Seychelles Sudan
Gabonese Tome and Principe Ethiopia Republic of Kenya Madagascar
State of Eritrea Mauritius Somalia South Sudan Algeria
Liberia Guinea-Bissau Niger Sierra Leone Togolese
Libya Mauritania Mali Nigeria Senegal

Application Portal of African Union Recruitment

Recruitment portal for the African Union and Career portal goes to The Official website of the African Union is Potential applicants for this recruitment process should submit their applications through the portal for recruitment.

How to apply in the AU Recruitment 2023 AU the 2023 recruitment

These are the steps for applying for the currently open African Union recruiting drive.

  • Go to the AU recruiting website by visiting
  • Select the job that you would like to apply, and then go through the description of the job.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on the “apply immediately” button.
  • Please attach your CV as well as a cover letter.
  • Fill out the online application form online.
  • Check your application for errors.
  • Then submit it.
Apply Online
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Last day to submit African Union Job Applications 2023

Deadline to apply for African Union recruiting is Tuesday May 2nd 2023. The applicants should do their best to submit their applications by and before that date in order to keep from being disqualified.

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