8 ways to make money with toluna surveys

Toluna garners its foremost reputation through its surveys, yet within the precincts of this digital domain, a myriad of alternative pathways exist for accruing coveted rewards. Our meticulous evaluation unveils the breadth of these uncharted routes and distinguishes the most prolific among them.

Are you in search of a means to augment your income without stepping out of your abode’s comfort? Consider the realm of survey sites, where Toluna stands as a prominent player.

The beauty of it all lies in the fact that registration is absolutely cost-free. But what sets Toluna apart is its multifaceted offerings. We’re not just talking surveys; we’re talking about competitions and even interactive games, all of which have the potential to accumulate points that can be seamlessly converted into valuable gift cards or cold, hard cash.

Before we delve deeper, the essential step is to establish your own free account with Toluna.

What is Toluna and how does it work?

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Toluna operates as an online community platform, furnishing a repository of regular surveys for you to complete, all in exchange for gratifying rewards.

Individuals who diligently partake in these surveys assume the title of ‘Toluna Influencers.’ This nomenclature derives from the pivotal role these surveys play in providing major brands with the insights they need. They seek to discern their strengths, pinpoint their weaknesses, and chart a course toward improvement.

Toluna Influencers receive compensation in the form of points, which, in turn, can be exchanged for an array of valuable assets, including gift cards, charitable donations, or the classic yet perennially coveted cash.

Nonetheless, surveys are just one avenue to reap the rewards on Toluna. By actively engaging with the Toluna community, participating in contests, and indulging in games, you can amass additional incentives.

How much money can you make with Toluna?

Determining the precise magnitude of your potential earnings from Toluna is a bit of a conundrum, as the quantum of rewards reaped is intrinsically linked to your level of engagement.

That being said, one can assert with confidence that surveys undeniably constitute the most substantial and dependable avenue to accrue rewards on Toluna.

Perusing their frequently asked questions (FAQs) reveals that each survey can potentially yield between 15–50,000 points, contingent upon its length. However, in our experience, the majority of Toluna surveys available tend to bestow a range of 2,000–4,000 points.

When we gauge the number of points required to secure gift cards, it becomes apparent that £1 is approximately equivalent to 5,500 points.

It’s noteworthy that cashing out to PayPal is limited to £35 increments. Should you desire to redeem your points for a value below this threshold, opting for a gift card becomes the viable alternative.

Among the selection of gift vouchers are those for versatile retailers such as Tesco and Amazon. Opting for these options essentially converts your gift card into a fungible equivalent of cash.

Furthermore, upon scrutinizing the point-to-value ratio of gift vouchers, it emerges that the Tesco and Amazon credits offer a more advantageous proposition than the £35 PayPal payout.

What can you buy with Toluna points?

Retailer* Voucher value Cost (Toluna points) Toluna points per £
Amazon £5 27,000 5,400
Starbucks £5 27,000 5,400
ASDA £10 55,000 5,500
Costa £10 55,000 5,500
Currys £10 55,000 5,500
Iceland £10 55,000 5,500
Tesco £10 55,000 5,500
Waterstones £10 55,000 5,500
Morrisons £10 55,000 5,500
Amazon £20 107,000 5,350
Marks & Spencer £25 135,000 5,400
Tesco £25 135,000 5,400
PayPal** £35 190,000 5,429

Toluna’s rewards come in the form of e-vouchers, which is a noteworthy detail to bear in mind. However, it’s worth noting that you can also opt for cash credit to your PayPal account.

In addition to monetary options, Toluna extends an array of non-monetary rewards for your accumulated points. For instance, as of the current moment, you have the opportunity to utilize 14,000 points to plant a tree in either Ecuador, Thailand, or Uganda.

Toluna reviews

When we canvassed the opinions of students in our Facebook deals group regarding Toluna, a recurring theme emerged: the significant time investment required to amass worthwhile rewards.

Toluna, when considered in isolation, does not offer a rapid route to substantial earnings. Hence, it’s prudent to combine your efforts on this platform with numerous other paid survey websites to optimize your income in the digital realm.

8 ways to earn points on Toluna

These are the best ways to make money on Toluna:

1. Toluna surveys

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As previously mentioned, surveys serve as the linchpin of Toluna’s offerings, serving as the most financially rewarding and dependable channel for accumulating Toluna points. Fortunately, a smorgasbord of surveys is consistently at your disposal, ensuring ample opportunities for participation.

These surveys are curated and presented by various brands, each seeking insights to inform their endeavors. The subjects explored are remarkably diverse, encompassing personal banking, shopping behaviors, cinematic preferences, travel experiences, sporting interests, and an array of other topics. Each survey is meticulously detailed, not only delineating the points awarded but also the estimated time required for completion.

Partaking in Toluna surveys bestows a dual advantage. Firstly, the more surveys you engage with, the greater your accumulation of rewards. Furthermore, as you expand your survey participation, Toluna will align future survey offerings with your personal profile, ensuring a more tailored and relevant experience.

Initially, as a fledgling Toluna Influencer, it’s commonplace to encounter rejection from surveys after a few screening questions designed to ascertain respondent compatibility. These questions typically revolve around your characteristics, such as whether you have children. Over time, however, Toluna progressively considers your responses and customizes the surveys sent to you based on your unique profile.

How much money can you make from Toluna surveys?

The majority of Toluna surveys typically yield anywhere between 2,000 and 4,000 points, demanding a time investment ranging from five to twenty minutes. However, it’s worth noting that there are occasional outliers that offer substantially more points, often entailing a more extended commitment.

In the currency of Toluna’s points, 5,500 points roughly equate to £1, which, admittedly, isn’t an exorbitant sum. This is especially pertinent when you consider that some surveys, despite their prolonged duration, offer relatively modest compensation. Therefore, it becomes self-evident that prioritizing shorter surveys with more substantial rewards is a prudent strategy.

Now, you may encounter dilemmas when the variations in points and time investment make this choice a bit perplexing. But fear not, for there’s a straightforward method to resolve this quandary. You can swiftly calculate this by dividing the number of points being offered by Toluna by the number of minutes they specify it will take, thereby yielding a metric we’ll refer to as Points Per Minute (PPM).

two buttons for toluna surveys

To illustrate this concept, let’s consider the two examples depicted in the image above.

The “General” survey, offering 3,000 points and requiring 10 minutes, allows you to amass a commendable 300 Points Per Minute (PPM). In contrast, the “Lifestyle” survey, with a reward of 4,000 points and a 20-minute commitment, yields a lower 200 PPM. Evidently, the “General” survey proves to be a more efficient use of your time.

For those who wish to take their analysis to the next level, it’s possible to convert PPM into an hourly salary equivalent. This can be accomplished by multiplying the PPM by 60 to derive the hourly points rate and subsequently dividing this figure by 5,500 (an approximation of £1 in Toluna points).

Our calculations revealed that, on average, the surveys available to us at the time of assessment yielded around £2.50 per hour. Nonetheless, there were noteworthy outliers, with one offering nearly £5.50 per hour, while another provided a meager £0.82 per hour.

These figures admittedly fall short of the UK National Minimum Wage. However, rather than discarding surveys altogether, our recommendation is to focus on those surveys that offer the highest equivalent hourly rate. For instance, the “General” survey from the aforementioned image equates to an hourly rate of £3.27, which, while still below the minimum wage for individuals aged 18 or above, offers a reasonable means of earning some extra income.

2. Complete your profile surveys

When you navigate to the ‘Account’ tab in the menu, you’ll encounter a section titled ‘Profile surveys.’ As the name suggests, these surveys are designed to provide Toluna with insights into your persona and your areas of interest.

In total, there are 13 profile surveys at your disposal, each offering the potential to earn up to 100 points and consuming just a few minutes of your time.

It’s important to note that each survey can be completed only once. The optimal strategy is to tackle them when you first join Toluna, as doing so should ensure that you receive future surveys that align with your profile.

In terms of the effort invested versus the points awarded, profile surveys undoubtedly represent one of the most efficacious means to commence your Toluna earning journey.

3. Vote in sponsored polls

Navigate once more to the ‘Sponsored Polls’ tab positioned at the top of your screen, where a plethora of straightforward multiple-choice polls awaits your engagement.

Clicking on this tab will transport you to the realm of community polls that offer point rewards, typically tallying in at around 15 points per poll. The beauty of these polls lies in their brevity, with each one consuming mere seconds of your time.

However, it’s prudent to keep a vigilant eye out. In the past, we’ve encountered sponsored polls that offer no point rewards whatsoever. While responding to such polls won’t demand a substantial time commitment, the gratification of rewards is always a welcome addition. Thus, before you participate, swiftly scrutinize the ‘Vote’ button – if it doesn’t specify a points value, you won’t be eligible for any bonus by taking part.

4. Take part in a contest

people lifting trophy

Toluna orchestrates monthly contests with the primary objective of stimulating increased community content contributions from users. In return, participants frequently find themselves on the receiving end of point rewards and an entry into a coveted prize draw.

For instance, let’s consider the October 2023 contest. In this particular event, Toluna Influencers were tasked with the challenge of deducing the identity of an object from a closely cropped image. Among those who engaged with the contest, a fortunate quintet was selected at random to receive up to 1,000 points each. A rather delightful outcome for a brief and engaging pastime!

5. Refer a friend to Toluna

We’re quite fond of referral bonuses at Save the Student, and Toluna happens to offer one as well.

Simply share your unique referral link with your friends, and for every friend who successfully signs up (up to 10 each month), you’ll be rewarded with a gratifying 500 bonus points.

Now, here’s a vital detail to bear in mind – Toluna conducts thorough checks on each referral to ensure their legitimacy. So, attempting to create fake email accounts to refer yourself won’t slip past their scrutiny!

6. Play Toluna’s games

Beneath the ‘Games’ tab in the navigation bar, Toluna offers a delightful assortment of small diversions to keep you entertained.

While some games are ever-present, others are temporarily available, making each visit to the platform a unique experience. Importantly, a few of these games also offer the tantalizing prospect of winning points.

What’s even more enticing is that all of these games come at no cost, and the standout opportunity for point accumulation is the Daily Toluna Wheel. The rules are simple: give the wheel a spin, and your fortune may grant you anywhere from 40 to a bountiful 1,000 bonus points, provided you don’t land on the discouraging ‘Better luck next time’ spot.

7. Make money by the Toluna Influencers Wheel.

Toluna presents an engaging and rewarding element known as the “Toluna Wheel” within their game center. Every day, you have the opportunity to give this wheel a whirl, with the chance to secure valuable prizes.

The Toluna Wheel consists of eight distinct sections, each offering its own associated reward. These segments include “Better luck next time,” 40 points, 80 points, 100 points, 200 points, 300 points, 500 points, and the most coveted prize of 1000 points. This feature not only offers a pleasurable means to effortlessly accrue points but also injects an element of thrill into your Toluna journey.

8. Make money by Toluna Influencers Content creation.

Toluna originally functioned as a survey platform with a strong emphasis on cultivating a sense of community among its members. This approach encouraged active content creation and interaction, which, in the past, presented opportunities for users to earn points.

However, a recent significant update has brought about a notable change. The point-earning avenues through content participation have been eliminated. Instead, Toluna now provides a forum where members can freely share their opinions and engage in discussions with one another. It’s imperative to recognize that you will no longer accumulate points by participating in these conversations. Therefore, it’s advisable to utilize this feature primarily for interaction and fostering a sense of community.

Nevertheless, there’s still a glimmer of hope. Occasionally, Toluna may introduce contests within the forum section. It’s worthwhile to keep an eye on this area for potential contest opportunities. We will delve into contest options in more detail shortly.

Certainly, Toluna isn’t the path to millionaire status. However, for those willing to invest the time and effort, it does offer the potential to secure a modest supplemental income.

The best part is that joining is entirely cost-free, so it’s certainly worth registering and trying it out to determine if it aligns with your objectives and preferences!

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