8 best side hustles in 2023

The allure of side hustles lies in their flexibility, enjoyment, and customization to your individual talents and passions. The icing on the cake? You’ll have the opportunity to earn money while indulging in activities you genuinely love.

It’s not uncommon for students to dip their toes into the waters of entrepreneurship. In fact, our latest National Student Money Survey uncovered that 36% of the students we surveyed had ventured into their own side hustle or business. This isn’t surprising when you consider the myriad advantages associated with embarking on a side hustle.

First and foremost, they typically offer flexibility, centering on your most cherished interests, and contribute significantly to your CV. The experience gained from these endeavors provides you with valuable anecdotes to share during future job interviews, potentially setting you apart from other candidates in the eyes of employers.

However, before taking the plunge, it’s crucial to maintain a realistic outlook regarding the potential earnings from a side hustle. The income you generate will hinge on various factors, including the type of side hustle you opt for and the amount of time you can dedicate to it.

Especially in the initial stages, there’s a possibility that your side hustle might not yield immediate profits. This is where a part-time job could serve as a more dependable source of income.

Nonetheless, if you’re enthusiastic about commencing a side hustle, you’ll be pleased to know that you have a plethora of options at your disposal. These range from small projects that can be undertaken at your convenience to ongoing businesses demanding consistent attention. Below, we’ve explored various side hustle ideas to assist you in discovering the money-making endeavors that resonate with you.

Easy side hustle ideas

Here are the best side hustles to try:

1. Review products on YouTube

Have you ever contemplated starting a YouTube channel? It can be a fantastic side hustle, particularly if your channel has a commercial orientation.

One avenue to explore is creating product review videos. Consider focusing on products that align with your personal knowledge and passion. For instance, you could delve into ethical skincare, literary treasures, cutting-edge gadgets, and much more.

As your subscriber count grows and you garner the attention of brands, you may discover opportunities to receive products for testing and discussing in your YouTube videos. This not only provides you with an array of complimentary items but also opens the door to potential earnings.

When discussing product samples with a brand, inquire about the possibility of them providing an affiliate link for you to share with your subscribers. Each time someone clicks on that link and proceeds to make a purchase or subscribe to a service, you stand to earn a commission.

Furthermore, you can expand your affiliate link options by joining networks designed to provide access to a wider range of affiliate opportunities. For a deeper understanding of this, you can delve into our guide on affiliate marketing.

It’s important to maintain transparency when a post is financially supported; make it clear by using the hashtag #ad.

2. Start an e-commerce site

Man on a laptop

Commencing a website is a straightforward endeavor, and if your focus lies in the realm of e-commerce, it has the potential to evolve into a profitable side hustle.

In case you’re not well-versed in the concept of e-commerce, it essentially involves the buying and selling of products or services online. To provide an illustrious example, consider Amazon – a quintessential e-commerce platform. We’re not suggesting you aim to rival Jeff Bezos, but even a modestly sized website can prove to be a lucrative venture.

One of the user-friendly avenues to establish an e-commerce store is by utilizing Shopify. As of the present moment, you can access a 3-day free trial, followed by a subscription fee of £1 per month for the subsequent three months.

Alternatively, you can explore other options like WooCommerce and WordPress. The pricing structure for both of these platforms fluctuates depending on the specific plans available. It’s advisable to dedicate some time to a thorough comparison of these alternatives to determine which one aligns best with your budget.

If you happen to possess products ready for sale at the point of website setup – whether these are items you’ve crafted or sourced economically elsewhere – it significantly streamlines the process and accelerates your foray into e-commerce.

3. Become an influencer

Increasingly, social media influencing has emerged as a popular avenue for individuals to generate income online through a side hustle. While building an audience can be a challenging feat, there are distinct advantages to be reaped if you find success as an influencer.

There are several methods to earn income through social media, with options such as affiliate marketing and brand collaborations at your disposal.

Becoming an influencer also equips you with valuable skills that can prove beneficial in your pursuit of a graduate job after university. The experience of crafting online content, engaging with audiences, and negotiating with brands serves as a noteworthy addition to your CV.

Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that the term ‘influencer’ implies a certain level of power in shaping people’s perspectives and behaviors. Therefore, your endeavors shouldn’t solely revolve around monetary gains. Strive to exert a positive impact on the online sphere.

Discovering your niche is pivotal in developing your brand, and you might contemplate focusing on a cause that holds personal significance. For instance, if you have a passion for sustainable fashion, you could champion eco-friendly clothing brands and share tips on thrifting. This has the potential to inspire others to abandon fast fashion in favor of ethical clothing, turning your side hustle into a means of both earning money and promoting a positive influence.

4. Work on a flexible basis at events

Engaging in part-time work at festivals, concerts, and events on an ad-hoc basis can be an ideal choice for students. It not only offers an opportunity to earn money but also provides access to unforgettable experiences.

Our guide to the finest student job websites includes platforms dedicated to event recruitment, such as Flair, making it an excellent starting point for your job hunt.

If you’re specifically interested in securing a summer job, it’s worthwhile to research the potential opportunities for employment at festivals. You’ll discover that it’s possible to find paid work at these events, and there’s also the option to volunteer through charitable organizations like Oxfam in exchange for a complimentary event ticket. Volunteer roles often entail tasks like providing directions to festival attendees and verifying wristbands.

So, if you’re planning to attend an event, working or volunteering there can be an excellent means of not only saving money but potentially even earning some extra income.

5. Do freelance gigs via Fiverr

Fiverr stands out as an ideal platform for embarking on side hustles. The array of freelance opportunities available on the platform is exceptionally diverse, guaranteeing that you’ll discover a niche that aligns with your interests and skillset.

Common categories of Fiverr gigs encompass a wide spectrum, including:

  1. Photography
  2. Proofreading
  3. Graphic design
  4. Art and illustrations
  5. Social media content

In fact, you can even explore unconventional paths, such as becoming a dating app coach or providing reviews of new music. Our comprehensive guide to easy Fiverr gig ideas offers more inspiration for potential side hustle ventures.

6. Rent out your clothes

If your wardrobe harbors clothing that seldom sees the light of day, you have the option to sell these items online. However, that’s not your sole avenue.

Renting out your garments presents an opportunity to keep hold of pieces you may wear again in the future while also generating income from them. This side hustle is particularly well-suited for clothing you’ve acquired for special occasions such as university balls or job interviews. It allows you to retain these outfits for future use, preventing them from languishing in obscurity.

For those considering renting out their clothes, Swished is one potential platform to explore. It’s essential to acquaint yourself with the associated fees before diving in.

As of the current moment, Swished’s fees are capped at 10% of the rental price you’ve established for the item, along with an additional 50p, covering postage costs paid by the renter. Furthermore, their payment provider, Stripe, imposes fees of 1.5% and an extra 20p.

7. Become a rider or store assistant with Getir

If you’re interested in working for a food delivery company like Getir, there are typically two primary roles available: as a store assistant or as a rider. Both of these options often offer flexibility that can seamlessly fit around your studies, making them excellent side hustles.

To work as an e-scooter rider, you generally need to be 21 years or older. While this is a viable option for some students, it may not be available to those aged 20 or younger. Other eligibility criteria include the necessity of holding a full driving license or a CBT certificate if you don’t possess a full motorcycle license.

Conversely, to become a store assistant, you need to be at least 18 years old. The primary responsibilities for this role involve selecting and packaging orders.

Working for Getir, as an example, offers various advantages, including earning the living wage per hour, entitlement to holiday pay and sick pay, and exemption from fuel or insurance expenses.

While we’ve cited Getir here as an illustration, there are other companies that provide similar positions, such as Uber. You can delve into more details in our guide on becoming an Uber driver or deliverer.

8. Teach your hobbies as an online tutor

Working as a private tutor can be a lucrative endeavor for students. However, if the prospect of teaching an academic subject doesn’t appeal to you, it’s important to remember that you have the option to teach your hobbies instead.

Engaging in this side hustle necessitates a substantial level of expertise in your hobby to effectively teach it to others. For instance, if you wish to teach piano, you would likely need to possess skills equivalent to at least a grade eight standard.

If you excel in areas such as music, art, or video games, sharing your knowledge and passion with others can be a delightful and fulfilling way to generate income.

To commence your journey as a hobby tutor, consider exploring platforms like Superprof, where tutors offer instruction on a wide range of topics.

Paying tax on side hustle earnings

money in a purse

Income earned from a side hustle has the potential to be subject to taxation. However, there are tax allowances in place that exempt you from paying tax on your earnings if they fall below a certain threshold.

To begin, there’s a trading allowance that permits you to earn up to £1,000 from self-employment without the need to declare it.

If your self-employment income exceeds this threshold, you are obligated to report it in a self-assessment tax return. Seeking assistance from an accountant can be beneficial in navigating this process.

Nonetheless, even if you surpass the £1,000 threshold, you generally won’t be required to pay any tax until your total earnings in a tax year (April to April) exceed £12,570. This is known as the personal tax allowance, and it applies to all income sources, including employment and self-employment.

For more details regarding the trading allowance, you can refer to the government’s website. Additionally, our guide on understanding tax provides an overview of the tax brackets applicable to individuals earning over £12,570.

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