5 way to make money free amazon vouchers

Feeling as though one’s purchases overwhelmingly stem from Amazon nowadays? Discover a method to procure your shopping essentials at no cost by securing a selection of vouchers.

Are you inclined to allocate a fraction of your time to partake in the acquisition of enticing Amazon vouchers? Numerous avenues exist for you to amass gratuitous funds in exchange for your modest exertions.

Over the span of several years, we have diligently employed several of these strategies, leading to the potential accumulation of hundreds of pounds worth of complimentary Amazon vouchers simply by adhering to our recommendations.

And now, without any unnecessary delay, here they are – rest assured, no hidden pitfalls await, we solemnly assure you!

5 ways to get free Amazon vouchers

Here are the best ways to get a free Amazon voucher:

1. Complete online surveys

Numerous survey platforms remunerate participants with Amazon vouchers as a form of compensation. Should you find yourself with leisure hours to spare, this can prove to be a viable method for augmenting your income.

Explore our comprehensive manual delineating the finest paid survey websites, replete with insights on how to optimize your time spent on them.

2. Use search engines

google search engine empty

The widely embraced browser extension, Qmee, furnishes you with the opportunity to amass Amazon vouchers with utmost simplicity, as you continue your routine online searches.

The fundamental dynamics of your online exploration remain unaltered, with the sole addition being the presence of sponsored advertisements alongside your Google search results (and other select search engines). Each search query typically yields a monetary reward, hovering around 15 pence, contingent on the subject matter. Delve deeper into the realm of Qmee for additional information.

However, it’s noteworthy to mention that Qmee is not the sole avenue for earning Amazon vouchers through online search activities. One of the myriad methods to generate income through Swagbucks involves designating it as your default search engine. By adopting this practice, you stand to amass several hundred pounds within a mere half-year, based on your consistent search activity.

3. Scan your receipts

A selection of applications offers a straightforward approach to amass Amazon vouchers by simply capturing images of your shopping receipts. You have the option to submit your receipts to multiple applications, with a general requirement to do so within a fortnight of your purchase.

It’s imperative to bear in mind, however, that this process entails the exchange of your data. Companies leverage the information extracted from your receipts, in conjunction with personal details such as your gender and age, to gain insights into your shopping habits—specifically, the where, when, and how of your consumer behavior. Subsequently, they customize their marketing strategies accordingly.

If you’re comfortable with this arrangement, allow us to present the most reputable applications for this purpose:


Storewards, available on both Android and iOS platforms, boasts compatibility with a wide array of receipts, making it a versatile option.

With Storewards, you accrue a sum of 600 coins for every receipt you submit. Receipts sourced from supermarkets, pharmacies, health and beauty outlets, pet supply stores, toy emporiums, as well as bargain or discount retailers are all eligible for earning coins.

The application extends a window of 14 days from the date of purchase, allowing you to capture images of receipts within this timeframe. You can forward up to five receipts daily, with a weekly cap set at 20.

Upon reaching the payout threshold, 50,000 coins can be redeemed for a £5 Amazon voucher, while 95,000 points equate to £10, making it advantageous to accumulate coins. An alternative cash-out option exists, enabling you to exchange your coins for PayPal funds, albeit at a slightly higher rate (22,000 coins for £2).

It’s worth noting that accumulating substantial earnings is not the primary objective with Storewards, as it typically takes one to two months to amass a £2 Amazon voucher.

Upon registering, you can enhance your point balance by entering the code “tt9os” to receive a bonus of 250 points.

Download Storewards »


Shoppix operates on a straightforward token-based system, granting you 25 tokens for every receipt, regardless of the store or the transaction amount. An additional five tokens are rewarded if the submission occurs on the same day as the purchase.

For redemption, Shoppix offers several thresholds: 3,200 tokens equate to a £5 Amazon voucher, while 6,000 tokens will secure a £10 voucher, and 11,500 tokens will net you a generous £20 voucher.

Keep in mind that within a week, you can only earn tokens for the initial 30 receipts you submit, limiting your potential weekly earnings to a maximum of 900 points. Furthermore, there is a daily cap of one receipt per shop.

To accumulate a modest sum, approximately 100 receipts need to be processed, give or take. Shoppix is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of users.

Download Shoppix »

Amazon Shopper Panel

The Amazon Shopper Panel represents yet another initiative that permits participants to amass rewards through the act of uploading their purchase receipts.

The modus operandi is quite straightforward – all that’s required of you is to submit 10 qualifying receipts each month via the application, and in return, you’ll receive a £5 credit toward your Amazon balance.

Moreover, there exists the possibility of earning supplementary rewards by participating in surveys and facilitating ad verification.

It’s important to note that the Amazon Shopper Panel operates as an opt-in, invitation-only program, and available spots are limited. To determine your eligibility, you can simply tap on the designated tab within the app for Receipts, Surveys, and Ads.

Download Amazon Shopper Panel »

4. Drive safely

If you consider yourself a safe driver, you can earn Amazon vouchers by proving it.

Carrot Insurance

Carrot Insurance introduces an innovative approach where you have the option to either install a black box within your vehicle or download their sophisticated app, enabling them to monitor your driving habits.

Should you maintain a commendable (signified by a green) Driving Style Score, you’ll find yourself reaping weekly rewards in the form of Amazon vouchers and other high street vouchers. The precise rewards you accrue are contingent upon your driving experience and the specific type of insurance policy you opt for.

This serves as an enticing method to accumulate rewards while behind the wheel; however, we strongly advise conducting thorough research beforehand. It’s essential to ensure that you’re not overpaying for your car insurance merely in exchange for Amazon vouchers. Our comprehensive car insurance guide is readily available to assist you in making an informed decision.

Check out Carrot Insurance »

5. Use cashback sites

For those uninitiated in the art of cashback, we recommend perusing our comprehensive guide to discover how you can effectively recoup funds on nearly every online purchase. While it may sound too good to be true, rest assured, it is indeed a reality!

It’s important to note that cashback isn’t an entirely cost-free endeavor, as it usually necessitates a purchase to trigger the cashback benefits. However, if you’re already engaged in shopping activities, this serves as a commendable method to reclaim a portion of your spending.

The patrons of the two most prominent cashback platforms, Quidco and TopCashback, enjoy the option of redeeming their earnings in the form of Amazon vouchers. What’s more, an enticing bonus awaits those who opt for this mode of withdrawal.

At the time of drafting this, selecting an Amazon voucher as your cashout method grants you an additional 1% with Quidco and an even more attractive 2% with TopCashback accounts, compared to withdrawing earnings via the conventional bank transfer route.

If that’s the case, then marvelous news – you’ve just acquired a complimentary Amazon voucher!

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