10 ways to make money on Twitch

Yearning to secure remuneration for indulging in video gaming? The present moment heralds your opportunity. Allow me to elucidate how you can amass financial gains through Twitch.

During your upbringing, you might have received the admonition that protracted hours immersed in video game endeavors would not be conducive to meeting financial obligations. Nevertheless, we are here to counter that notion, affirming its viability!

Twitch is now home to a multitude of individuals engaged in the art of live streaming their video gaming exploits. Yet, video games do not singularly dominate the platform. From live culinary presentations, crafting demonstrations, to simple interactive dialogues with their audience, an array of niches awaits exploration.

Now, the pressing question is: Can you reap monetary rewards through Twitch?

While pursuing a career as a Twitch streamer does not promise instantaneous financial gratification, with a dedicated investment of time and diligence, one can indeed transform it into a lucrative venture. Our purpose here is to guide you on the path to commencing your journey towards revenue generation.

What is Twitch?

Twitch, an internet-based video streaming service, facilitates both the broadcast and consumption of live content. Live streaming, in essence, involves the real-time transmission of video data over the internet. This unique feature enables direct interaction with the audience as they partake in your live stream. With approximately 30 million individuals engaging on a daily basis, Twitch undeniably stands as one of the foremost and most substantial platforms for this immersive experience.

While the platform predominantly centers its attention on video game-related content, Twitch’s diversity knows no bounds. From culinary exhibitions, coding tutorials, creative arts and crafts, music composition, ASMR sessions, and an array of other domains, it accommodates an eclectic range of interests. Twitch also offers a relatively straightforward mechanism for monetizing these live broadcasts, affording thousands the opportunity to supplement their income.

How much money do Twitch streamers make?

Earnings on Twitch exhibit substantial variability among streamers.

The magnitude of income remains contingent on a medley of factors, including the size of one’s viewership and subscriber base, the frequency and duration of their streaming sessions. Additionally, as elucidated further below, numerous alternative avenues exist for amassing financial gains on Twitch, circumventing the need for paid subscribers or advertisements.

While the upper echelons of Twitch, boasting colossal audiences, stand to potentially accumulate multi-million dollar revenues, the majority of streamers are not as fortunate in their financial pursuits. Nevertheless, embarking on a career as a Twitch streamer presents a remarkable avenue for monetizing one’s passion for video gaming.

How much do Twitch streamers make per sub?

Paid Twitch subscriptions constitute one of the most lucrative revenue streams for streamers. Here’s the breakdown: streamers pocket 50% of each subscription fee, while Twitch claims the remaining 50%.

It’s important to note that these subscriptions are available at various tiers, commencing at £3.99 per month and ascending to £19.99 per month. Each tier offers unique benefits to the viewers, enhancing their viewing experience. Moreover, a cost-saving option is available for those who opt to pay for multiple months in advance, yielding a 10% to 15% reduction in the subscription fee.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the privilege to offer subscriptions during your live stream is extended exclusively to those who have attained the status of a Twitch Affiliate or Partner.

Twitch Affiliate vs Partner – what’s the difference?

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In order to commence the monetization of your channel through Twitch’s in-house resources, you must attain the coveted status of a Twitch Affiliate or a Twitch Partner. However, specific criteria must be met by your channel to qualify, as outlined below. Both of these affiliations open doors to monetization avenues such as advertisements, bits, and subscriptions, but there exist notable disparities between the two.

The principal distinction lies in the advantages and features bestowed upon Twitch Partners, who enjoy an array of additional benefits. These encompass a broader selection of custom emotes reserved for subscribers, animated badges, and expedited support. Furthermore, Twitch Partners can leverage extra promotional opportunities, including the Partner Spotlight and Partner Panels, offered by Twitch’s own platform.

Twitch Affiliate vs Partner requirements

To qualify for Twitch Affiliate or Partner, you need to meet the following requirements:

Within your creator dashboard, you’ll find the tools to monitor your advancement towards both the Affiliate and Partner programs. When you satisfy the eligibility conditions for Affiliate status, Twitch will initiate contact with you. The process diverges slightly for Partner status. After meeting the necessary criteria, you must personally submit an application to join the Partner program.

Should your initial application face rejection, don’t be disheartened. You retain the option to reapply at a later date, keeping the door open for future opportunities.

How to make money on Twitch

Here are 12 ways to start making money on Twitch:

1. Twitch bits

Once you’ve ascended to the ranks of Twitch Affiliate or Partner, you gain the capability to receive bits on your channel. These bits represent Twitch’s virtual currency, obtainable for purchase by viewers who wish to provide support to their favored streamers.

Viewers can bestow these bits upon streamers by expressing their support through ‘cheers’ in the chat. This gesture signifies the donation of bits, accompanied by a personalized message. Many streamers have notifications in place to acknowledge and extend gratitude to the viewers who have made these contributions.

Furthermore, you can introduce leaderboards on your channel, showcasing the individuals who have contributed the most bits. Additionally, there are Twitch badges to be earned and animated emotes at your disposal for chat interactions when contributing bits, enhancing the viewer’s experience.

How much are bits on Twitch?

Each donated bit holds a monetary value of $0.01, signifying the sum that streamers receive for each gifted bit. It’s worth noting that bits are slightly more expensive when purchased by viewers, as Twitch retains a nominal portion as its fee. Nevertheless, viewers can benefit from a modest cost reduction when acquiring bits in larger quantities, offering a cost-effective approach for supporting their favorite content creators.

2. Twitch subscribers

Affiliation with the Affiliate and Partner programs not only grants the ability to accept bits but also opens the door to the prospect of acquiring paying subscribers, offering another lucrative avenue for income on Twitch.

For dedicated viewers who relish your live streams, the option to subscribe to your channel for a monthly fee becomes available. In return for their subscription, they gain access to an array of benefits. These advantages typically encompass subscriber badges, exclusive custom emotes, and an ad-free viewing experience.

There exist three distinct tiers of subscription, each carrying additional perks, usually in the form of extra custom emotes, though this may vary according to the streamer’s preferences:

  • Tier 1- at £3.99 per month.
  • Tier 2 – at £7.99 per month.
  • Tier 3 – at £19.99 per month.

When you reach this stage, it’s advisable to consider engaging a freelancer from platforms like Fiverr to craft distinctive emotes that resonate with your viewers. This is particularly vital, as your subscribers can utilize these emotes in all Twitch chats, making it essential for them to stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Furthermore, in addition to personal subscription commitments, individuals have the option to gift subscriptions to other viewers. Such gifted subscriptions can be directed toward specific recipients or to the community at large, which subsequently awards the subscriptions to randomly selected active viewers.

It’s also noteworthy that as Twitch is under the umbrella of Amazon, individuals with active Amazon Prime accounts have the privilege of availing a complimentary subscription to one channel of their choice every month.

3. Twitch ads

On Twitch, ads are a ubiquitous feature during live streams, but it’s only Twitch Affiliates and Partners who can capitalize on them as a revenue source. These ads are presented to viewers within the live stream, with the exception of those who are paying subscribers to the channel.

For Twitch Affiliates and Partners, the autonomy to dictate the timing and duration of mid-roll advertisements is granted. Nonetheless, it’s prudent not to inundate your stream with an excessive number of ads, as it’s essential to foster a lasting and engaged community, particularly when there are numerous alternative methods for income generation on Twitch.

4. Donations

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We’ve previously highlighted the option of receiving bits as a means of generating income on Twitch. However, for those who have not yet achieved Twitch Affiliate or Partner status, alternative donation avenues are available. You can enable this by incorporating a PayPal donation button into your channel description.

Even if you are already accepting bits, a PayPal donation button remains an advantageous approach for supplementing your earnings. Notably, it ensures that you receive the entire 100% of the donated amount, without Twitch’s commission, as is the case with bits.

Though viewers won’t acquire a donation badge in the chat, similar to bits, you can still establish leaderboards to acknowledge PayPal donations and offer shout-outs to contributors during your live streams, thereby nurturing a sense of appreciation within your community.

5. Affiliate marketing

Numerous Twitch streamers augment their income through the strategic implementation of affiliate marketing. In essence, this involves the dissemination of links to products or services, with the streamer earning a commission for each sale resulting from these referrals.

By enrolling in affiliate networks such as Awin and impact.com, you gain access to a diverse array of brands available for promotion. The choice of products and services to endorse is contingent upon the nature of your content. For instance, video game streamers have the opportunity to endorse the gaming equipment they utilize, capitalizing on their relevance to the gaming community.

For a comprehensive understanding of affiliate marketing, including its intricacies, you can delve into our comprehensive guide on the subject.

6. Sponsorships

As your audience begins to expand, brands may begin to take an interest in your content. It’s important to note that you don’t necessarily need millions of followers or viewers for this to occur. What truly matters is the alignment between the brand, your content, and the engagement of your viewers.

Sponsorship arrangements offer versatility in their execution. For instance, you can incorporate brand mentions, display the brand’s logo within your stream, or provide links to the brand within your description. Alternatively, if the brand offers an affiliate program, you have the option to combine affiliate marketing with sponsorships, thereby amplifying your overall income potential.

7. Merchandise

As your community on Twitch continues to expand, the opportunity to create your own merchandise can emerge. Given that Twitch is a platform known for its strong sense of community, devoted fans often relish the chance to feel a part of it.

Your merchandise can feature your logo or even inside jokes that resonate with your community, often proving to be a successful approach.

However, it’s essential not to perceive this as a hasty cash-grab. The quality of your products must be top-notch, and they should be items that you yourself would be delighted to purchase. This ensures that you maintain the trust and satisfaction of the individuals who support your streams, preventing any disappointment and fostering a stronger sense of connection with your brand.

8. Patreon subscribers

Establishing a Patreon page demands some additional effort, but it presents a valuable means to diversify your income beyond Twitch.

This approach is particularly advantageous for those who have yet to attain Affiliate or Partner status, as it enables you to cultivate a paying subscriber base independently.

On Patreon, you have the latitude to provide exclusive content unique to the platform, share additional tips and insights, or grant individuals access to Patreon-exclusive Discord channels, should your community maintain such a space. This opens up a realm of possibilities for fostering deeper engagement and appreciation among your supporters.

9. YouTube ad revenue

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Expanding your income from Twitch can be achieved by generating supplementary content on other platforms. Diversifying your approach offers numerous avenues, with one highly effective strategy being the repurposing of your Twitch streams into YouTube videos.

This can be realized through various means, such as crafting highlight compilations from your live streams or developing tutorials related to the video games you stream. The advantages extend beyond YouTube ad revenue; you can potentially tap into a new audience, cultivating future viewers for your Twitch streams.

For those seeking to expedite the process, the option to engage a freelancer, obtainable on platforms like Upwork, can be explored. Such professionals can assist in the creation of stream highlight videos and even fashion TikToks or Instagram Reels from these highlights, augmenting your presence and outreach on additional social media platforms.

10. Tournament winnings

If your extensive hours of streaming have honed your skills to a professional level in a particular video game, participating in a tournament is a compelling option. While the major events predominantly cater to esports professionals, numerous smaller tournaments eagerly welcome streamers to partake.

Depending on the game, you can choose to enter either as an individual competitor or as part of a team, collaborating with fellow streamers, for instance.

Streaming a tournament can yield captivating content for your community, and a noteworthy performance might even draw in new admirers, further expanding your fan base.

How to stream on Twitch

Streaming on Twitch is a flexible endeavor, and the approach you take often hinges on the type of content you intend to present. Fortunately, commencing your streaming journey necessitates relatively minimal resources. Here’s what you need to establish a Twitch stream:

  1. Twitch Account: You can conveniently acquire a Twitch account free of charge and initiate the setup of your channel within minutes.
  2. Laptop/PC: Although streaming from a gaming console or a phone is possible, employing a laptop or PC significantly enhances the quality of your stream.
  3. Camera: Initially, the built-in webcam on your laptop suffices, but you also have the option to connect a more professional camera to your computer for superior visual quality.
  4. Microphone: Communication with your viewers is pivotal for maintaining their engagement, so it’s essential to have a microphone configured for your stream.
  5. Streaming Software: You can commence your broadcasting journey directly to Twitch with the aid of free software like OBS or Twitch Studios.

As your channel garners more attention and grows, you can consider upgrading your equipment to enhance the quality of your content. However, when starting out, prioritize the creation of enjoyable and engaging streams. Establishing a consistent streaming schedule is beneficial, as it informs your audience when to tune in. Most crucially, remain authentic and be your engaging self to foster a loyal and dedicated viewer community.

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