10 tasking apps for making money

If you resemble individuals of our disposition, your smartphone is virtually affixed to your hands around the clock. Why not capitalize on this and generate additional income? Presented here are a few of the premier applications designed to assist you in generating revenue while on the move…

Task-oriented applications provide a convenient means to accrue as much as £10,$10 daily while you’re on the move, executing uncomplicated tasks on behalf of prominent corporations.

Admittedly, this avenue might not be a suitable fit for everyone. Nonetheless, if you possess keen powers of observation, can readily access retail establishments, or are merely interested in supplementing your income, task-oriented applications may align seamlessly with your objectives.

What are tasking apps?

Tasking applications, often referred to as task apps, bear a resemblance to the concept of mystery shopping. The key divergence lies in the fact that, for the most part, no actual shopping activity is involved (please bear with us as we elaborate).

Instead, a typical tasking app assignment will require your presence in a supermarket or retail store, and your primary objective will not be making a purchase but rather conducting an observational survey.

You will be provided with a set of inquiries to address concerning the items on the store shelves, such as their specific placements within the store. On occasion, you may also be tasked with capturing photographic images of certain products, like promotional displays or equivalent items. In exchange for your efforts, you’ll be rewarded with remuneration ranging from £2 to £10 or $2 to $10. It’s essentially a hassle-free way to earn money!

Crucially, there is typically no requirement to make any purchases to participate in these assignments. This aspect distinguishes tasking apps from traditional mystery shopping, where you are often expected to make a purchase and subsequently receive a refund at a later date.

How to use tasking apps

To provide you with a concrete illustration of the tasks these applications may assign, here’s an instance of a previous assignment we successfully executed. This endeavor resulted in a £5 compensation, and the task at hand was remarkably straightforward – capturing images of tomatoes within a supermarket. Yes, you read that correctly!

Initially, our mission entailed photographing the entire tomato section, as depicted in the following image:

tomatoes in vegetable section

Subsequently, we were tasked with enumerating the various tomato varieties on offer (e.g., two large tomatoes on the vine, three cherry tomatoes, and so forth). Following this enumeration, we were required to capture more intricate photographs of the tomato display, resembling the example presented below:

tomatoes in supermarket

The application provides precise instructions regarding what to photograph, and your sole responsibility is to capture these images accurately and respond to any accompanying queries.

In summary, the entire process typically consumed around seven to eight minutes of our time, which, considering the remuneration of £5,$5 proved to be a commendable return on investment!

How much can you earn from 10 tasking apps?

The earnings you can garner from tasking apps hinge on the extent of time you are willing to invest in their use and your geographical location.

In urban or larger town settings, you are likely to encounter job opportunities on tasking apps on a daily basis. Moreover, if you possess personal transportation, even if it’s as modest as a bicycle, your prospects are further enhanced.

Typically, these assignments yield remuneration in the range of £2 to £6, though instances of earning as much as £15 for a single task have been documented. What sets tasking apps apart from other income-generating applications is the swift payout feature. Once your submission is approved, a process that often transpires in just a few hours, you can promptly access your earnings.

Importantly, there is frequently no minimum payout threshold to meet. Whether you accumulate £2 or £200, you have the flexibility to withdraw your earnings instantly.

Many tasking apps also offer supplementary avenues for earning money, with paid surveys being the most prevalent. If this aligns with your interests, we recommend exploring our guide to the best paid survey websites for further opportunities.

What are the 10 best tasking apps?

For optimal results, we advise downloading all the applications featured in the following list. It’s worth noting that job availability may vary from one app to another at any given moment. To enhance your prospects of securing a consistent income, consider installing as many of these apps as possible.

Here is a compilation of the top tasking apps to consider for download:

1. Roamler

The primary app we frequently employ presents a slight hurdle when it comes to the registration process. To access this app, an invitation is a prerequisite, and it’s compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

Our own acceptance into this platform was achieved by conducting a Twitter search for “Roamler invite” and requesting an invitation from an individual. It’s worth noting that acquiring an invitation is not an insurmountable challenge.

Typically, this app maintains a steady influx of tasks, with payouts ranging from £3 to £8, $3 to $8 per assignment. Some examples of tasks we’ve successfully undertaken in the past include photographing plant pots within a garden center and providing insights on the assortment of teas available for sale in a supermarket.

Check out Roamler »

2. Field Agent

Field Agent – An Income-Generating Option

Field Agent is accessible on both iOS and Android platforms, and it has proven to be a lucrative choice for us.

Task compensation typically falls within the range of £2 to £10,$2 to $10per assignment, rendering it a worthwhile endeavor for the brief time invested.

The range of tasks available is quite diverse, encompassing tasks such as capturing photos and videos, as well as sharing opinions and feedback on various products. This variety ensures an engaging and potentially profitable experience.

Check out FieldAgent »

3. Streetspotr

Streetspotr – A Rarity with Rewards

Streetspotr may not always boast a plethora of job openings, but when they do surface, the remuneration is notably generous and accessible across various locations.

This app is particularly beneficial if you reside in a smaller town or city, where such opportunities are less common.

In our own experience, we accumulated approximately £20,$20 by merely engaging in routine shopping activities at a German supermarket over the course of a few weeks. Streetspotr’s occasional lucrative tasks make it a worthy addition to your roster of income-generating applications.

Check out Streetspotr »

4. Streetbees

Streetbees – Where Tasks Become Stories

Streetbees tasks are aptly named “stories.” Engaging with Streetbees stories entails responding to chat-style queries regarding your daily experiences, while also incorporating photos or videos whenever feasible.

The compensation for story completion exhibits a range, with numerous online accounts reporting payouts of less than £1,$1. Nevertheless, Streetbees stipulates that you have the potential to earn up to £5,$5 for a given story, contingent on the specific nature of the task at hand.

Check out Streetspotr »

5. BeMyEye

A Tasking App with Abundant Opportunities

This particular tasking app stands out as one of the more bustling platforms, characterized by a substantial volume of job listings and a considerable user base.

The diversity of available tasks reflects this high activity level, offering a wide array of options. If you tend to get bored easily and crave variety, this app is likely an excellent choice for you.

To download the app and enhance your initial experience, we recommend utilizing the provided link. When you sign up, be sure to input the code “nwevqd” to secure a £1,$1 bonus credit, adding an extra incentive to your journey into this tasking app.

Check out BeMyEye »

6. Premise

Premise – An App with a Tasking Start

Much like several of its counterparts, Premise introduces new users with an initial task to complete. In our case, it entailed capturing a photograph of the current weather conditions outdoors, yielding an instant 5p in earnings. However, following this initial task, no additional assignments were forthcoming.

Nevertheless, it may be prudent to retain the app, as there is potential for more tasks to materialize in the future. The sporadic nature of tasks should not discourage users from keeping it as a potential income source.

Check out Premise »

7. Microwork

Microwork – A Bounty of Tasks with Unique Payment

While the compensation per task in Microwork may not be exorbitant, the sheer volume of available job opportunities is rather noteworthy in comparison to some of its counterparts on this list.

It’s important to bear in mind that Microwork exclusively offers payment in the form of the cryptocurrency, Ether.

However, it’s crucial to exercise caution as some of the tasks may potentially lead you to appear somewhat intrusive or unusual. Many of the “actions” jobs may entail photographing individuals engaged in activities such as cycling, walking, and even sleeping, which could be perceived as somewhat unconventional.

Check out Microwork »

8. Clickworker

Clickworker – A Unique Tasking Experience

The tasks offered by Clickworker, at least in our experience, deviate somewhat from the conventional assignments typically encountered on standard tasking apps. Instead of visiting physical stores or locations, the tasks available to us primarily revolved around capturing photos and videos of ourselves as we engaged in various activities.

However, it’s worth noting that other users have reported a broader spectrum of tasks, including those more in line with the stereotypical offerings found on tasking apps. Hence, we’ve included Clickworker here to account for the potential variety in task types.

Check out Clickworker »

9. Swagbucks

Swagbucks – The All-Inclusive Rewards App

When it comes to versatility and comprehensiveness, Swagbucks undoubtedly takes the lead. This all-encompassing rewards app provides an extensive array of opportunities for both saving and earning. The convenience of having everything consolidated in a single location sets Swagbucks apart as a go-to choice for those seeking a multifaceted rewards experience.

Swagbucks simplifies the process and infuses a sense of enjoyment into your financial management, making it easier to handle your budget.

Check out Swagbucks»

10. Taskrabbit

TaskRabbit is an on-demand platform that facilitates the completion of a wide range of tasks, spanning from house cleaning, delivery services, and handyman work to furniture assembly, grocery shopping, administrative assistance, and beyond. To commence your journey on TaskRabbit, you’ll need to establish an account, undergo a background check, and subsequently peruse the available tasks in your city, presenting offers as you see fit.

It’s important to note that TaskRabbit retains 20% of your earnings, and payouts are issued via check every two weeks, provided your account accrues a balance of at least $25.00.

Check out Taskrabbit»

Best ways to make money with tasking apps

Here is how to make money with tasking apps:

  1. Check the apps frequently – Although some apps will send push notifications to your phone when a task is available, others might not. Each location only requires one ‘tasker’ for each job, so it’s worth checking tasking apps every morning around 8am–9am. This should give you the best chance of accepting the task before anyone else.
  2. Don’t let the clock run out – Once you accept a job on one of these apps, there’s a time limit to complete the task. Of course, you might want to reserve a job so you can do it later. So pay attention to how much time you have. It’s best not to accept a task with a one hour window if you’re writing an essay against the clock.
  3. Factor in travel costs – While, unlike mystery shopping, your earnings are usually 100% profit (i.e. you’re not being reimbursed for buying something), the tasks almost always require you to be at a specific location. So, if you’re going out of your way to get there, tally up the cost of transport (including parking). Then compare it to the payout amount before taking on a task.
  4. Take clear images – It can be difficult to get a clear full-length shot of a shelf when you’re in a busy supermarket. But that’s what you’re being paid to do, so make the effort or you could be wasting your time. If the app isn’t happy with the pictures you submit, it could refuse to pay you for your task or ask you to do it again.

Downsides to tasking apps

Other than the fact that the pay can sometimes be less than great, the biggest downside to using tasking apps is that the jobs can occasionally be really awkward to do.

For the most part, these jobs are supposed to be completed covertly, meaning the staff aren’t meant to notice what you’re up to. In larger stores, this is easily done. But for tasks at smaller businesses, it can be pretty difficult to complete the job without giving the game away.

Sometimes an app will provide you with a letter of authorisation to show disgruntled staff. However, some shop owners may still be unhappy that you’re taking pictures so it can make for some uncomfortable moments.

You may be inclined to reject the tasks which seem more awkward to complete. But there’s a catch – they also tend to be among the best paid. As such, before you accept or reject a task, it’s best to read through the description of the job and weigh up how comfortable you’d feel completing it against how much money you could make.

Check out our guide to making money from walking for more tips on topping up your bank balance as you go about your day

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