10 Old Toys That Are worth Make Money

Let’s confront the truth: many of us cling to our childhood toys, nurturing a glimmer of hope that someday they might turn into a small fortune. But the burning question remains: are they genuinely valuable?

It’s a widespread phenomenon—many individuals have stashed their childhood toys in their parents’ attics, harboring the belief that these relics will one day translate into a small fortune.

While not every childhood toy will yield substantial value, it’s undeniable that certain gems can command hundreds of pounds, particularly if they’re rare and age-worn. The challenge lies in distinguishing the treasure from the trash. Allow us to guide you through some of the best old toys that hold monetary worth and give you an insight into the potential earnings.

Which old toys are worth money?

When faced with a towering heap of childhood toys and the pressure from your parents to declutter, resist the urge to hastily discard them all. Invest some time in discerning which old toys are worth holding onto and selling.

While this article serves as a helpful starting point, delve into further research based on your specific collection. Identify toys that might be considered rare and valuable in the future.

For those approaching this endeavor with utmost seriousness, seeking advice from an expert could provide insights into the current and potential value of your collection.

And don’t overlook the potential treasures lurking in your parents’ collections. You might unknowingly be harboring a stash of cash in the attic.

Most valuable toys from the 1990s and 2000s

These 90s and 00s toys could be worth money:

1. Beanie Babies

beanie babies

Let’s kick things off by tackling what’s often depicted as the Holy Grail of valuable childhood toys: the Beanie Baby.

Numerous viral articles over the years have declared these stuffed animals to be worth thousands. But the burning question remains: are they truly worth anything?

How much are Beanie Babies worth?

If you find yourself in possession of a rare Beanie Baby, you might be in for a treat with a few hundred pounds on eBay. However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that the majority of Beanie Babies hold very little value.

Even the Princess Diana memorial bear, often hailed as one of the rarest, struggles to garner much attention on eBay these days.

While there are a couple of gems that can fetch upwards of £2,000—the Employee Beanie Baby being one of them—acquiring one won’t be a walk in the park, given that only 300 were produced exclusively for Ty employees.

Refer to this list for insights into which Beanie Baby bears are the rarest and potentially hold the highest monetary value.

Keep an eye out for details like errors on the tag and whether the bear is a first or second generation, as these factors can significantly impact the expected price.

2. Polly Pockets

In the realm of valuable childhood toys, pre-1998 Polly Pockets take center stage. This marks the era when they were incredibly tiny, likely posing a choking hazard.

As with many collectibles, the potential earnings from selling Polly Pockets hinge on the condition of the items.

How much are Polly Pockets worth?

Notably, two Polly Pocket sets, featuring The Little Mermaid and Alice in Wonderland, commanded a hefty price tag of £1,421 on eBay. However, it’s crucial to note that these sets were in mint condition and remained fully packaged.

If your collection didn’t undergo the fate of being kept unopened in their original boxes, fear not. Individual jewel cases can still fetch a respectable sum, ranging from £10 to £30. For the rarer ones, you might find yourself pocketing a few hundred pounds!

When venturing into the world of selling vintage Polly Pockets, consider bundling a few together. This not only enhances your potential earnings but also saves on postage costs.

3. Pokémon Cards

Before the era of Pokémon Go, Pokémon cards reigned supreme.

The echelons of the most expensive cards often feature those claimed by competitors at official Pokémon competitions. A prime example is the 1997 Trophy Pikachu Trainer Card, which fetched a staggering £230,000 in a 2023 auction! However, a treasure trove of other (older) cards still exists, potentially holding significant cash value.

How much are Pokémon cards worth?

Venturing into the realm of Pokémon cards, you might discover some hidden gems that could fetch a decent sum. For instance, a first edition Holographic Shadowless Charizard can command a princely sum of £15,000 or more, while a first edition Shining Charizard may secure over £1,000.

However, it’s essential to note that these cards are exceptionally rare, and the majority of Pokémon cards don’t boast such substantial values. The first edition cards, printed between 1999 and 2000, are the real contenders for lucrative finds.

Here’s a quick checklist to help determine if your Pokémon card is a potential treasure:

  1. Rarity symbol – Located in the bottom right corner, symbols like circles and diamonds are common, but a star, star H, or three stars indicate extra rarity.
  2. Holograms – Holographic and ‘reverse holo’ cards (shiny around the picture, but not on the picture itself) tend to be more valuable.
  3. Errors – Cards with mistakes, such as ‘shadowless’ cards (missing the shadow around the picture box), are the rarest and most valuable.
  4. Extra symbols or words – Keep an eye out for additional words after the card name, like ‘ex’, a star, or ‘LEGEND’, as they often signify increased value.
  5. First edition cards – Look for a number one inside a circle, as these are potential money-makers.
  6. Collector number – Located in the bottom right of the card, a collector number higher than the set’s overall number (e.g., 65/64) suggests the card is a special edition.

If your Pokémon cards lack these distinctive features, consider selling them online as a bulk set to maximize your profits.

4. Furbies

Furby eyes

Ah, the memories of those incessantly chattering furry creatures! It turns out that those once annoying toys might have a surprising value now. So, what are we talking about here?

How much are Furbies worth?

Who would have thought that the Furby, once banished to the depths of closets, could now potentially fetch a pretty penny? If you’ve got the original 1998 version, especially if it’s a limited edition or still in its packaging, it might be worth digging it out for a closer look. Curiosity piqued? Time to unearth those Furby treasures and see what they might be worth!

5. Super Soakers

Unearth those antiquated water firearms; they might just translate into tangible wealth.

What is the market value of Super Soakers? Specific editions of Super Soakers command a substantial price. The formidable Monster XL could fetch a few hundred pounds, whereas the traditional Super Soaker 50 carries an estimated value ranging from £20 to £50.

Less prevalent variations may not yield significant returns, yet it’s advisable to explore eBay for emerging trends or evolving demands.

6. Tamagotchis

Should you possess an authentic Tamagotchi from the years 1996-1997, particular editions could potentially garner a substantial sum when sold through online platforms.

How much are Tamagotchis worth?

Regrettably, the substantial earnings are reserved for Tamagotchis that remain unopened, still in their original packaging, fetching prices in the range of £50 – £100. If the Tamagotchi has been opened, its value diminishes to around £10 – £20.

However, keep an eye out for special or rare Tamagotchis, as these gems can still command impressive sums of £80 – £100 in various online auctions. Pay particular attention to the white and red variants or those with unique themes.

The lesser-known Digimon Tamagotchis also hold significant value. Typically, they sell for £30 – £60 on eBay, with rare editions reaching up to £100 in price.

7. Yu-Gi-Oh! cards

hand holding yu-gi-ho! cards

Much like Pokémon, certain Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, especially the rare ones, have gained considerable value in today’s market.

How much are Yu-Gi-Oh! cards worth?

A swift method to ascertain the value of your card is through the use of Card Mavin, a price guide site catering to collector cards such as Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Given the usual existence of multiple versions of the same card, it’s advisable to input the unique card number located in the bottom right corner. This action will yield a list of similar cards along with their average selling prices.

To refine your search, opt for cards most resembling yours (like holographic ones), and the card’s value will be adjusted accordingly.

8. Lego

When it comes to parting ways with your vintage Lego, there are two approaches to consider. If you possess substantial quantities of assorted, unpaired pieces, a lucrative option is to sell them by the kilo. Conversely, if you’ve curated collections of specific sets or Lego ranges, bundling and selling them as a whole is a viable strategy.

How much is Lego worth?

When contemplating the sale of your Lego bricks, musicMagpie offers a convenient option, paying £1.50 for every half a kilo of Lego. It’s essential to present clean, well-maintained, and authentic Lego pieces—Megablocks or Knex won’t make the cut. Here, the completeness of sets isn’t a determining factor.

For bundles of parts sourced from a specific set or range, alternative platforms like eBay can yield higher returns, potentially reaching up to £50 for a substantial quantity. If you’ve amassed a collection of miniature Lego figures, a sizable bundle could fetch around £50.

However, the true treasure trove lies in complete sets. Star Wars Lego sets, in particular, have garnered staggering sums, with the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon boasting previous sales exceeding £3,000. The Taj Mahal set can fetch several hundred pounds, and the Café Corner is estimated to be worth between £400 and £1,200.

Remarkably, many of these sought-after sets hail from the mid-noughties. If you find yourself in possession of one of these valuable Lego sets, leveraging specialized platforms like Brick Picker may be a prudent choice, ensuring you secure the best possible deal.

9. Happy Meal toys

The enchanting allure of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys from yesteryear often surpasses the offerings of recent times. Surprisingly, some of these vintage McDonald’s toys can now command a respectable sum.

Certain sets, known for their popularity and collectability, have the potential to yield cash returns today—although we’re not talking about exorbitant amounts, unfortunately.

How much are Happy Meal toys worth?

If you possess a full ensemble of the 101 Dalmatians toys dating back to 1996, it might fetch you approximately £50—or even more if accompanied by the fold-out display box.

On the other hand, toys like the Teenie Beanie Babies from 1997 or the McFurbies from 1999 may not bring in much more than a few pounds individually. Nevertheless, comprehensive sets tend to command a more substantial sum.

10. Disney VHS tapes

Disney VHS tapes

Many VHS tapes have become valuable collectibles, and while most are likely from your parents’ era rather than yours, it’s worth raiding their video stash to uncover any rare gems. Films that never made it to DVD often hold the most value.

How much are Disney videotapes worth?

Despite the hype surrounding Disney VHS tapes, especially the Black Diamond Editions, they seldom fetch more than a couple of pounds on eBay. Even the notorious banned edition of The Little Mermaid, with its questionable castle turret, has been known to sell for just a few quid. It’s more lucrative to sell your Disney VHS tapes as a set, but don’t expect a windfall. While you’re at it, consider selling your old CDs, games, and DVDs for some additional cash. For insider information on the top-secret Disney Vault, check out our guide to making money.

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