P2P Lending: Barking Up The Wrong Tree

P2P platforms do not have the safety net. Instead of playing the role of an intermediary, if they run their own balance sheets for safety and growth, it’s a recipe for disaster, warns Tamal Bandyopadhyay. Illustration: Dominic Xavier/Rediff.com In July last year, I wrote in this column: ‘Before it is too late, the RBI should … Read more

Ee Router Flashing Yellow? Quick Tips To Fix

The EE router has different lights that indicate the status of the device. For instance, the solid green light on the router indicates that the router is connected to broadband and working correctly. What if the EE router is flashing a yellow light? It is normal for your EE router to flash yellow light during the setup … Read more

Connect To O2 Underground Wi-Fi: Complete Guide

While commuting via the London Underground, your device will likely disconnect from the network. This means being off grid until you get to your destination. All thanks to the Underground Wi-Fi technology, you can remain connected to the network while in transit. With this option, you can catch up on your urgent work, and respond … Read more

Spectrum Paperless Billing: Enroll In Minutes

Most Companies now adopt the paperless billing system. Spectrum gives customers the option to enroll for paperless billing. You can enroll for the Spectrum Paperless billing on the Spectrum site or the Spectrum app. Continue reading to understand how Spectrum Paperless billing works. Also, you will learn how to enroll for paperless billing and how … Read more

Spectrum Cable Box Says Hold? Quick Fix

A Visitor sent me an email that he is having issues with his Spectrum Cable box. According to him, when he tries to tune in to a particular channel, the ‘Spectrum box says hold’ and reboots. Sometimes, the cable box stays off until he turns it on. If you are experiencing similar issues, I understand … Read more

SaskTel Wifi Not Working? Complete Guide To Fix

After you set up and activate your SaskTel gateway, you should connect your device to the wireless network effectively. If your SaskTel Wi-Fi is not working, there is no need to be worked up just yet. When this happens, most times, the gateway’s internet light will be flashing red. There are troubleshooting tips you can … Read more

Find Net10 Account Number And PIN In Minutes

To port your number from Net10 to another network, the new carrier will request you to submit some details. These are the details the new carrier needs to process your port-in request. For most carriers, the details you need to complete the port-out process are your Net10 account number, transfer PIN and SSN. In a … Read more